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If you've got any questions about Genseiryu in Europe, please visit www.genseiryu.com. Peter Lee shihan is appointed as representative of Genseiryu Karate-do in Europe, by Saiko-Shihan Kunihiko Tosa.

Word of the Sensei

Karate is a vehicle of life. It is not the goal you wanted to pursuit, which is at the most importance, but it is the journey you make with the vehicle. Every individual has his or her own way. That is why all roads aren't the same and they would never be the same. But there is one thing they all got in common: the journey itself.
If you are searching for your own identity, it is not the final definition of your own identity, which is important. It is everything you learn and discover during your search through life, which has the most important value. And that will enrich you and it shall give you answers to all your questions, of which you have been looking for,

Also, I would like to share my favourite maxim of zen:
"Thousands times of repetitions and all of sudden perfection will be revealed of one's truth."

Finally, I would like to add a short story. In my opinion, this story got a good meaning, if you are able to understand its content.

Seeking the truth

A student once asked his master: "Sensei, how long does it take to seek the truth?" His master looked at him and after a long period of silence, the master answered to his student: "The truth is near you, at the ground. But you don't want to bent down to take her."

It is easy to critice and break down the spirit of others,
but to know yourself takes a lifetime"

- Bruce Lee