Family Tree

uncle Herman grandmother Berendina grandfather Kerst Sr. auntie Us daddy kerst Jr. auntie Jet auntie Hien uncle Hen Koopman family 1927
Koopman family 1927

Kerst Koopman,
(22-07-1879 / 26-03-1965)
Berendina Stoltenborg,
(24-06-1876 / 16-02-1962)

Children of Kerst and Berendina
Mechteline Johanna (Hien) Koopman,
(14-07-1912 / 27-09-1986)
Herman Hendrik (Herman) Koopman,
(20-10-1914 / 02-10-1977)
Caroline Bernadine (Us) Koopman,
(my father) Kerst (Kè) Koopman,

(01-06-1916 / 25-03-2005)
Henriette Jeanne (Jet) Koopman,
(07-08-1918 / 23-04-2010)
Hendrik (Hen) Koopman,
(16-03-1921 / 22-02-2005)
grandmother Klaziena grandfather Toon mamma Non auntie Gon uncle Jan Fransema family approximately 1933
Fransema family
Anthonius Diderik Annaeus Rudolphus Epko Azing,
(Toon) Fransema,

(01-12-1893 / 20-01-1975)
Klaziena Margaretha Christiena van Niejenhuis,
(31-01-1894 / 18-04-1972)

Children of Anthonius and Klaziena
Jan Ekke Fransema,
(07-07-1927 / 27-07-1987)
Hillegonda Alida Klazina Harmanna-Jantina (Gon) Fransema,
(30-08-1925 / 17-07-2005)
(my mother)
Alida Hillegonda Margretha, Christina Hendrika (Alie (Non)) Fransema,

(07-07-1923 / 06-03-2001)
daddy Kerst (Kè) mother Non it's me husband Henk Ireland holiday 1992
Killorglin 1992
From left to right: daddy Kè, mother Non, myself and husband Henk
nephew Mark it's me again brother René sister-in-law Mala Eastern 2007
Eastern 2007
From left to right: nephew Mark, myself, brother René and sister-in-law Mala
Waldmünchen December 2005

from left to right: mother-in-law van der Klugt, son Teun, husband Henk and ...?


its me again husband Henk son Teun mother in law