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Hello, Catfriends all over the world welcome to our homepage. We would like to introduce you to our hobby, our Real World Cattery, and to Mr. W.M Vermeulen and me, Vijaykumar Autar Sharma. We live in Utrecht-Netherlands, Europe. The Real World Cattery was established with CFA in 1995. We enjoy showing at the CFA and at the traditional shows, through out Europe. We have been producing and showing Persians for 20 years together. Wim has been bred Shaded Silver Persians before since 1986. We imported some wonderful Persians, from National and Regional winning pedigrees, to incorporate them into our breeding program. Our imported cats are : Kitjims Sharon Stone; Q-T Cats Velveeta; Johnorah's Marilyn Monroe; Johnorah's Macy, Johnorah Obsession, Johonorah's Wiseguy, Chaudoins Lucy, Budmar' s Cupid, Budmar's Sama, Budmar's Serena, Spellbound Some Like it Hot, GRC. KUORII Cupido. Our latest import (2004) Viran's Armani. In 2011 we added Yellicle Shiva. We breed only homeraised Purebred Persians & Exotics and we have an PKD1- DNA tested cattery. We have never choose for quantity when it comes to breeding, it has never been our goal. We always like to put quality in front, which simply means 2 things: 1. Breed a few happy healthy litters that fits the standards for the shows , trough out selective breeding AND 2. We would like to breed Persians & Zots eagerly with that sweet wide open look, which we want to look at daily; cats which we want to play with, take care off, and to give them all the love and attention they need unconditionally . That is all ! Now, we have some special thank you's to Linda Osburn with Ch. Real World' s Billy, who produced his first NW. son Arrows James Byron Dean and Susan Fillis from Lark Hill Persians, who owns our beloved DW.GC Real World Moshi Moshi produced GcRW Larkhill Stardancer, out of his first litter in the U.S.A. And recently Moshi produced another R.Winner at Larkhill : Larkhills Grandslam. However , If you do have ANY questions about our Persians, Exotic Shorthair cats or pedigree information please e-mail us. We welcome your inquiries. Time to time we do have kittens available to small catteries. The parents of our kittens that "perhaps" will become available has been both tested PKD1 - DNA negative ! Available kittens you can find at the Exotic / Persian kitten webpages. If you do contact us, we would be more than happy if you provide your name, Catteryname or website. Thank you in advance !

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