The tripoint Belgium/France/Luxembourg


Being in the neighbourhood on the occasion of the Eclips 1999, I couldn't resist searching for this tripoint.
Big problem was that I only had a map 1:200.000.
Therefore it was not possible to find the exact spot.
As a trophy I shot this picture, but I still didn't figure out in which country I was!

The text says: Pôle Européen de Développement des Trois Frontières.
Translated: European pole of the development of the Three Frontiers.

Visit to this tripoint on 13 september 2001.
In my opinion this is the situation:
The little river is the border between Luxembourg (in front) and Belgium (opposite right) and France (opposite left).
The border France/Belgium is a little ditch, best visable on the next photo.

So I think the tripoint could be were the ditch meets the river.
GCEBE 2001-09-13

Another view to the supposed France/Belgium border.
The ditch is to the left of the bright green plants.
And what a discovery; there is a bordermarker hiding in the bushes.

In my opinion:
This must be a bordermarker Belgium/Luxembourg.

After taking this photo and turning around 180° we again found a bordermarker. See next picture.
GCEBE 2001-09-13

This bordermarker is half-burried in the dirt.
I removed some plants and dirt to get a better view. The cote-of-arms are just visable.
In my opinion this marker must be the last Belgium/Luxembourg marker. It might even be the exact tripoint???

This markers torch is missing. If you want to know how a complete marker looks like; see the page "Bordermarkers Belgium/Luxembourg" on the European section of this website.

GCEBE 2001-09-13
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