Multi-Panel - All It TakesBackground Radiation - Ruralism EP

Multi-Panel's All It Takes is out now!
 (download your copy via No-Source & Bandcamp)

"Sounds like soft kisses on your earlobe" (Vice)
"Autumnal, fragile and full of cinematic elements. Gems that leave a deep impression" (Caleidoscoop)
"An album like an album should be. A complete experience. A darkness full of dancing flickers" (Indiestyle)
"An album to listen to in its entirety, in one sitting. Preferably in the autumn, when it's dark." (LiveXS)
"Imagine your own movie with it. I am thinking of a summer's evening festival at the Warandepark, Bruxelles" (Dark Entries)

Background Radiation's - Ruralism is out now!
(download your copy via Bandcamp)

""The more you listen to it the more it seems like a wondrous instance of soul pop" (Recent Music Heroes)

This is the website of Multi-Panel (Ludo Maas)
Folk-electronic musician, born in Utrecht, living in Breda

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