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Family Crest and description
From the Krimpenerwaard
The Lekkerkerk branch
The Capelse branch
The Rotterdam branches
Summary (Engelse samenvatting van de Inleiding)
Map of Lekkerkerk
Lekkerkerk branch
Waddinxveen branch
Westland branch
Lekkerkerk-Rotterdam branch
First Capelle branch
Second Capelle branch
Third Capelle branch
Fourth Capelle branch
Schiedam branch
First Capelle-Rotterdam branch
Second Capelle-Rotterdam branch
Holland, Michigan USA branch
Nijmegen branch 
Krimpen ad Lek branch 
Heenvliet branch 
First Maassluis branch 
Second Maassluis branch 
Grand Rapids USA Branch
Vlaardingen branch 
IJmuiden branch 
With patience through the maze of genealogy
Index (removed)

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