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I'm married to Melissa Kalkman, reason enough for me ;-)

You are invited to explore your Kalkman family heritage and to contribute to this ever expanding presentation of the  Kalkman genealogy and history. The goal of this website is to provide free access to all information already publicly available for research or handed to me for publication for those with interest of the roots of the family Kalkman

Familyresearchers from the first hour: Marinus Kalkman & Pieter Nicolaas Kalkman 

The Kalkman-genealogy presented on the next pages is primarily based on the massive load of information collected over many years by Pieter Nicolaas Kalkman (1908 - 1995), on his quest to find his Kalkman-roots and of all descendants from those roots, finally published in February 1979. 

Many Kalkman's will be familiar with this Red Kalkman-book, most cases because their parents owned a copy. The information published from this book on the internet is with permission of his daughter Arvid Mareta Blok-Kalkman.

Unfortunally after the dead of Pieter Nicolaas Kalkman this book is the only source that was left over. I was told all his personal notes, documents, photographs, etc ended up in the dumpster. Fortunally she was wrong. September 2004 Wouter Kalkman responded on this message. He, also being a very fanatic genealogist, corresponded '70's and '80's with Pieter Nicolaas about all kind of issues like the origin of the name Kalkman and a possible relation with some older Kalckman mentioned in The Hague and Amsterdam archives. Ten year ago he recieved the archive of Pieter Nicolaas. And Wouter in his turn gave me his trust that I would take good care of that big box of documentation and corrspondence. I don't have to worry about running out on something to read for the years to come...

Under the heading The red Book you will find the first chapters of the red Kalkman-book, in their orginal published form. That's including any genealogical mistakes found or open questions, for which at this moment corrections or answers might be  available. However, the information per Kalkman-branch is updated with tads and bits provided by Kalkman-familymembers or fellow genealogists, just like me somehow related to the Kalkman-familyname.   

At my quest Elizabeth Ribbens-Kalkman made the remark that the original source used by Pieter Nicolaas Kalkman was collected in the 1920-1960's by her father Marinus Kalkman (1896-1959). After Marinus died Pieter received this information and that was the start for his book. Many of the older pictures in the book originated from that collection. I'm happy was I was able to recover a lot of these original pictures again.

Kalkman familycrestst

What also was missing from the red Kalkman-book, were two early designs for a Kalkman-familycrest. The are both shown on the homepage, both designs drawn  by Cornelis Kalkman (1867-1924), father of Marinus Kalkman mentioned above. Published with permission of his granddaughter Elizabeth Ribbens-Kalkman. All three Kalkman-familycrests are not official registered in "het wapenregister" of the dutch "Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie".

German-American-Brazilian  Kalkman branch

In his book Pieter Kalkman memorated German Kalkman's, like Dethardt Kalckman and writers Aug. and Ph. Kalkmann. Looking for Kalkman ancestors in The United States of America I stumbled over some legal documents dated just after 1800, naming a Bremer shipper and merchant Carl Friedrich Kalkmann. His of origin German familyname was changed to the enlish variant Charles Frederick Kalkman. With help of several internet  resources, lucky finds and an extensive email exchange, I was able to get a picture. This family has it's roots in the area aronud Hannover and Bremen in Preussen, Germany. They made a living in the trading and shipping business. There were also some farmers. They migrated to The United States of America and Brazil. The name Kalckmann changed over the years to Kalkman. There is no relation found between these German and Dutch Kalkman.

Your participation is appreciated!

If you see something that interests you or if you would like further information on any particular branch of the family, please let me know. If you have more information about a branch of the family tree or have any documents, photos or stories you would like to share, please contact me:

Many thanks to all of the individuals who have helped me with the information contained on this web site. By now hunderds of people, for which I apologize not to mention them here all by name personally...

Work in progress... (2016-09-24 on request, nameindex and information removed)
Finally I've worked myself through all 328 pages of the red Kalkman-book and the 11-page supplement. Were possible all information is checked, corrected and updated with information and/or pictures collected from the al over the internet or provided by others. I can guarantee you'll find errors or omissions: please contact me if you find any.  Already 10700+ individuals, and still many (mainly new generations) Kalkman to find. 



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