Reiffers stamboom
St. Reiffers

Our Familytree starts now somewhere around 1700 in Germany, with a person named Stoffer ho was married to Geessina Paterdina they lived around 1730 in Heßen - Kaßel.
There son Christiaan-Frits was born in 1738 maybe in Kassel. He has not the name of his father so he is probely the second or third son in this marriage.
Later when he is a grown up, he traveld to a small town called Bruchhaussen in a principality called Corveij. Then he moved probely on foot from Germany to the Netherlands.
Where he married in 1766 in Zeerijp a woman named Elje Jacobs. He was a tailer in those days. And he lived in a house with the number 76 in Zeerijp
With this couple my Family tree start ,till now there are 11 or more generations Reiffers scattered all over the world. I found Reiffers names in Canada , Luxemburg , Germany , Switzerland and France.
I hope to find out more about persons with the name Reiffers, by putting this information on this webpage.
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