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This page is for all you Zimbabweans and ex-Rhodesians out there. Some great and interesting links that will bring back memories and information of this great country.

Zimbabwean National Anthem   

Rhodesian National Anthem - and better quality (thanx mazowe dot com)

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The Old Georgians' Directory for the details of ex- Saint Georges College students (OG's). Looking for old class mates? You may find them here!
Homesick Africans; Like us, there are many of you out there that were born in Africa but have for one reason or another moved your home to make a new one in a foreign land.

Like us, every time an African wildlife program comes on the TV, you wish you could climb on the first plane home, you dream of the warm African sun on your back, the smell of wors on the braai and of the time you struggled against the mother of all tigers on the Zambezi for it only to get away as you were about to net it!

This site has been built as a tribute to these aircraft and to serve as a memorial to those that died in what became known as the "VISCOUNT DISASTERS".

The Embassy of Rhodesia in Iceland – RHODESIAN.NET – is an educational and informational resource for the Republic of Rhodesia. This web site exists to put across a Rhodesian point of view on the achievements and history of Rhodesia, free from the politically correct spin, which has poisoned so much of the information previously available, prior to the advent of the Internet.
Guardians of Rhodesian film footage and recordings, from early pioneering days to the closing days of Rhodesia, the land and its people.
Flag of RhodesiaKevin's Page of Rhodesian Memories, Information, & Links
Books of Zimbabwe (formerly Books of Rhodesia) - publisher of southern africana rhodesiana zimbabwean reprints books. Stocking books from BoZ, Covos Day, Galago Lemur and others. Also a book dealer of collectable second hand books. Also stocking Covos Day , Galago Lemur books amongst others. BoZ ZW The Africana / Rhodesian book collection (over 1400 titles) is now listed on-site. See "Collectable's" drop down selector. This section is still under development, so please bear with us.
They Served Africa with WingsAbout 15 years ago the authors started collecting photographs and stories about aviation in the old days in Central Africa. The result is ‘They served Africa with Wings’.
The title is a play on the words ‘We serve Africa with wings’ which was the motto of Central African Airways.
The book is dedicated to all those fine men and women who served, so well, the cause of aviation in Central Africa between 1920 and 1980.
Wanting a CD with those good old songs from Rhodesia? Just click on this link and you'll be impressed.

Rhodiechat Community Room

Online audio, video, mailing, chatting and store for Rhodesians
je1.jpg (29642 bytes)Do you still remember John Edmond and all his songs. Here you can order CD's and see his Concert Schedules.

Air Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe
Timetable images courtesy of a site devoted to the collecting of airline timetables. Here you will find images of many timetables, both old and new. The majority consists of system timetables from the collections of Björn Larsson and David Zekria. Hopefully, a growing number will be contributions from other collectors.


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