ROUWE ANALYSIS – a company that is specialised in providing structural finite element analysis (FEA) for engineering-performance applications with metals and thermoplastic materials.
The company was established by J Rouwe, an aerospace and vehicle design graduate of THE CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY - UK, after considerable hands-on industrial experience with Philips Domestic Appliance and latterly LNP-Europe (now Sabic), a manufacturer of engineering plastic materials
WHY CHOOSE ROUWE ANALYSIS - Because, unlike other product development techniques – such as rapid prototyping (RPD) which provide a limited functional (appearance) benefit – FEA is a decision-making tool that affords fundamental design information to facilitate tooling-through- manufacture and thus a basis for costing.
Using Rouwe Analysis will ensure your concepts/innovations become performance proved designs that ensure savings in the cost and time to deliver product. Value for money.


FACILITIES - You will have ready access to a complete range of engineering skills, plus a materials database and thorough knowledge of automotive (and other) component design/analysis. Same is available - just an e-mail away.