van Medevoort CT333 --------------------- TentLabs XO3 The first modification of the  van Medevoort CT333 CD player consist of changing the standard X-tal oscillator by a  TentLabs XO3 high stabillity oscillator. It generates a very low jitter clock, which in turn clocks the DAC chips. This in turn leads to lower distortion in the audio spectrum. It pays off and results in: - Lower grain - More resolution - Better transparency - Cleaner sound - Better bass The CT333 CD player contains a standard clock generator circuit, producing typical jitter values up to, and over 100 ps. XO3 output jitter is below 3ps. This reduce the distortion dramaticly. The power supply of the XO3 is generated by a seperate PSU wich gives an output voltage of 12V DC for a maximum load current of 85mA. The XO3 will synchronise the SPDIF output  of the CT333. Also the XO3 can be synchronisced from a DAC with an inbuild TentLabs XO-DAC. The CT333 RuVox ® is equiped with a BNC connector for TentLink operation.  --------------------- Black Gate caps RuVox-Sonos-Sens RuVox-Femto-Clock Module
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