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This web site contains all information I have gathered on the family names "Polderman" and "van Wijk".
I try to collect information on all People called Polderman, who lived and live in The Netherlands (and also abroad). As an estimate just in The Netherlands there currently are about 1200 people that have the name Polderman, so I can stay busy for a while longer. I'm also interested in collecting information on all ancestors of our son Gijs Toon Adriaan, daughter Jet Neeltje Annelies and son Teun Pieter (On this site indicated by )

The sources page contains all the documents and other information I used when building this site.

I'm always interested in receiving comments or (even better) additional information.
You can reach me by e-mail at mailto:herman@polderman.net

Herman Polderman
Delft, The Netherlands

Change history:
April 5 2011 Site moved to http://members.ziggo.nl/polletje5
November 21 2008 The database now contains 3440 Individuals, 1429 Families and 1163 Surnames
July 04 2007 The database now contains 3155 Individuals, 1284 Families and 1079 Surnames
November 04 2006 The database now contains 2842 Individuals, 1152 Families and 944 Surnames
April 29 2006 information from http://www.zeeuwengezocht.nl added
Some spellingcorrections made

The database now contains 2812 Individuals, 1144 Families and 935 Surnames
May 18, 2005 Added Information from J.J. Grolle
Added Information from Sofie Polderman

The database now contains 2716 Individuals, 1103 Families and 897 Surnames
March 18, 2004 Information on the Grol family added, thanks to Herman Grol.
Added Information from Hubrecht M Danker, Genlias en ISIS.

The database now contains 2466 Individuals, 1007 Families and 801 Surnames
December 10, 2003 Added information Hubrecht M Danker, Genlias and ISIS

The database now contains 2243 Individuals, 920 Families and 728 Surnames
August 9, 2003 Added information from J.J. Grolle en Hubrecht M Danker.
Some data removed at request for the persons involved.

The database now contains 2085 Individuals, 845 Families and 667 Surnames
May 4, 2003 Added more information from the "Geneagram" written by Willem N. Polderman.
Received Information from J.J. Grolle en Hubrecht M Danker.
Again found information on Zeeuws Archief ISIS

The database now contains 1913 Individuals, 770 Families and 603 Surnames
November 14, 2002 Added information on Polderman, Westveer ao (thanks to Willem N. Polderman and Hubrecht M Danker).
Also found information on Zeeuws Archief ISIS

The database now contains 1703 Individuals, 687 Families and 567 Surnames
May 28, 2002 Added information about "de Visser" and "Dominicus" thanks to Anton Schulte.

The database now contains 1642 Individuals, 664 Families and 548 Surnames
February 14, 2002

Happy Valentine !!

On Thursday February 14th Gijs and Jet got a baby-brother.
We named him:

Teun Pieter

Both Mother and son are in good health.

Delft, February 14th, 2002.

The database now contains 1556 Individuals, 613 Families and 510 Surnames
December 5, 2001 Moved web site to xs4all.nl. The url remains http://www.polderman.net.)
October 23, 2001 Information on a related branch of Polderman (thanks to Willem N. Polderman)
May 8, 2001 Extended information about van Wijk (thanks to Fred van Wijk)
Information on a related branch of Polderman (thanks to Gerrit Jan Polderman)
Finally entered all persons from [POL1940]
Added information on Klap from [BAKKER2001]
January 18, 2001 Added information on Klap family members from [DEK1974]
December 16, 2000 Added information on Grolle's in America (web site Kenneth Grolle)
November 29, 2000 Site is now dual language Dutch and English
May 26, 2000

Hurray !!

On Friday may 26th Gijs got a baby-sister.
We will name her:

Jet Neeltje Annelies

Both Mother and daughter are in good health.

Delft, May 26 2000.
January 2000 First version of the web site on the Polderman.net domain

Herman Polderman
Delft, The Netherlands