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An old uncle of mine, dr. M.R.Heynsius van den Berg, studied the ancestors of the family Pel. The oldest forefather he found died in 1771 and he concluded his search in 1943. I have a copy of his familytree I filled in the gaps and I provided the dates from 1943 to 2000. Of course this is brought in a computer and as you now see put on the internet. From the older generations are presented only the male descendants (genealogy type, see explanation of terms); from my grandfather P.K.Pel, born in 1852, onwards I presented all the descendants, female and male.

Our family Pel lived in the the northern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland, around the city Drachten. The eldest generations were miller and especially they had a windmill which was called "pelmolen" which shelled grains, nuts etc.( pellen = to shell ). It is clear where our familyname comes from. Later generations brought forward many medical doctors. As a matter of fact I used to be a familydoctor myself untill 1998 when I retired and got time for these activities.

Explanation of terms

The "familytree"can be represented in several ways, it depends if one wishes to see clarity or completeness. Further one can start with a forefather and go to descendants or vice versa. The following terms give the different approaches. The first three start with the (untill now) oldest known forefather, the last two give the forefathers of a descendant, I took as an exemple my children but it can be any person in the familytree.

N.B.: By clicking on the red words you will see the different files. Unfortunately the files are not translated in English.

This the most simple presentation: Only the male descendants are represented, all "unnecessary" data are withheld.

Nominal register report
Here only the male line is followed but the wives are represented, this is the way familytrees are most frequently represented (at least in the Netherlands). The yearbook of the dutch "central bureau of genealogy" :" Nederlands Patriciaat" uses this method.

Register report
Here is followed the male and the female line, you can find all the descendants of my grandfather, complete untill the year 2000.

paternal line
Presentation of ancestors in a straight male line.

Ahnentafel report
Presentation of all ancestors

You can see an outline of the pedigree chart by klicking here. This gives you better insight.

And further:

In the database you can search for all the persons in my familyarchive

Fotogallery : some fotos from the familyarchive

Tielenius Kruythoff is the name of the family of my mother, the genealogy of this family is given here

P.K.Pel, born in 1852 was in his time a well known Professor in internal medecin, some facts about his live are given here

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