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Antonius Franciscus van Asten was born in The Hague in 1949.
He is an autodidact and has been working as a professional painter for over 30 years now. His portfolio contains landscapes, seaviews, scenes at the beach, views on The Hague and abstract paintings as well.

His paintings reveal his absolute dedication to the fine arts. His style ranges from meticulously detailed to seemingly effortless gross strokes, whatever the situation calls for. His ability to capture an atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking.
Toon van Asten feels equally at ease working on Oil on Canvasses and Watercolours as well. His paintings echoe the good old days of the famous Dutch Hague School, like for instance the works of  H.W. Mesdag, Isaac Israels and Louis Soonius.
Other sources of inspiration are Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Hermanus Willem Koekkoek,
Floris Arntzenius, as well as Bodin (France) and Soralla (Spain). 

Original Oil on Canvas paintings (one-offs) by Toon van Asten can be ordered via this website. Some examples of his work are on display below and on the next few pages. Contact me over
  e-mail for more information.


Fishermen's wife waiting for the vessels at Scheveningen , watercolour 60 x 80 cm, 2001 by Toon van Asten.