GolKosh's Tank Contour Icons & More


By My Axe!

My in-game name is GolKosh and comes from the Warcraft III game. It is Orcish and stands for "By My Axe!"

I started playing World of Tanks in Januari 2012 and soon after that I got my own YouTube channel on where I show my replays. Have a look and Subscribe!

Tank Contour Icons

Why I made tank contour icons? Well I like to view in a split second what type of tanks we have or the other team has. How many light tanks, mediums or heavy tanks. Are there arty and Td's. There are a lot of tank contour icons, but couldn't find any that I liked, I like strong colors, so I made my own...

How does it look on screen?

Tank Contour Icons view

Like this: Heavy Tanks: Dark Gray, Medium Tanks: Yellow, Light Tanks: Light Gray, TD's: Blue and Arty: Red.

How it works

I would suggest to simple download the Aslain Modpack. Install it with your favorite mods.