After enjoying the traditional English and European dance music of Blowzabella for many years, I finally succumbed to the temptation of learning to play the hurdy-gurdy myself.  I own a Symphonie from Chris Allen in the UK and have an electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy on order from Denis Siorat in France.  Previously, I rented a Gotschy Phoenix and am taking lessons from René Meeuws in Nijmegen.

This website simply collects some of the wonderful information and resources I have stumbled across.  If you’ve found an interesting site, or want to submit a review of an instrument, book, CD, concert, etc?  Please email me and I’ll be pleased to add your contribution to the site.  Similarly, please let me know if you find any broken links or other site issues.

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Paul Howland

The Netherlands

About Gurdypedia


This site is compiled from material I’ve found across the web.  It’s therefore almost impossible to individually acknowledge the contributions of everyone - although I do try to acknowledge and link to the original sources on all the posts I make.  In other cases - such as when summarizing consensus on forums or linking to luthiers - it is less easy to identify the individual contributors.  In these cases I would like to generally acknowledge the enthusiastic posters of the Google groups hurdy-gurdy forum and the UK hurdy-gurdy forum and Yahoo! hurdy-gurdy forum.  However, if you feel I have used your material without proper acknowledge, please email me.