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Icom IC-9100

IC-9100 Manual (pdf) Italian 52.2Mb

IC-9100 Manual (pdf) USA 43Mb

IC-9100 Service Manual (pdf) USA 17Mb

Icom IC-9100 Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German   Wanted ! !


Icom IC-7100

IC-7100 Service Manual (pdf) USA 6,9Mb 

Icom IC-7100 Bedienungsanleitung (RAR) German 29Mb  New ! !


Icom ID-1D

ID-1 DStar Manual (pdf) USA 2.6Mb

Icom IC-ID-1 Service Manual (pdf) USA  6,8Mb

Icom IC-ID-1 Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German   Wanted ! !



Icom ID-31a/e Handheld

Icom id-31e Modification (pdf) from Holland 200Kb

Icom id-31e Brochure (pdf) USA 3.400Kb

Icom id-31a/e Manual (pdf) USA 8Mb

Icom id-31e Service Manual (pdf) USA 5Mb

Icom ID-31a/e Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German   Wanted ! !



I'm Looking for Service / user / manuals translated in

German / Dutch / Italian / Swedish
and other languages.

mail it to me......@ and make your fellow radioamateur happy.

Do you have something I do not have on this page, send it to me.
So that everybody can use it.

Do you have any questions ! ask me.



Icom ID-51a/e Handheld

Icom ID-51A - E Manual (pdf) USA 3Mb

Icom ID-51E Service Manual (pdf) USA 7.8Mb

Icom ID-51A-E Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German   Wanted ! !




Icom IC-e80D Handheld

Icom IC-e80D Manual (pdf) USA  9.4Mb

Icom IC-e80D prospekt (pdf) German 1,6Mb

Icom IC-80AD Service Manual (zip) USA 3,65Mb

Icom ICe80D Manual (pdf) Svenska 6.3Mb

Icom IC-80D Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German 11.7Mb  New ! !



ID-e880 Mobile

Icom D-Star Benutzer Handbuch (pdf) German 2,5Mb

Icom IC-e80D / ID-e880 High resolution Image (pdf) German 1,6Mb

Icom IC-E80D / ID-E880 color brochure (pdf) USA   2,1Mb

Icom IC-E80D / ID-E880 High resolution Image (gif)

Icom IC-e880 Service Manual (pdf) USA  4.6Mb 

Icom IC-e880 Manual (pdf)  USA  13Mb

Icom IC-e880 manual (pdf) Italian 17Mb 

Icom IC-e880 Manual (pdf) Svenska 5Mb

Icom IC-e880(2) Bedienungsanleitung (pdf) German   Wanted ! !



Icom ic-92AD / ic-e92AD Handheld

Icom ic-e92D color brochure (pdf) German   1,43Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual (pdf) German   5.2Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual (pdf)  Nederlands 2.8Mb

Icom ic-e92D color brochure (pdf) USA   1,73Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual (zip) Italian  12,5Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual 2007(pdf) USA   15,3Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual (pdf) Swedish  3,5Mb

Icom ic-e92D Service Manual (pdf) USA   8,1Mb

Icom ic-e92D Manual (.rar) Polish  665 kb

Icom ic-92AD Service Manual USA/Can 7,9Mb

Icom ic-e92AD Programming software RS-92 (.zip) USA 3.8Mb

OPC-1799  Icom ic-e92AD Pin out > < RS 232c

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Icom ic-e92AD Modifications

Are you looking for something, ask me.

Also looking for manuals in other languages......Wanted ! !

Where do I buy the [ 12-Pin plug ] for the Icom ic-e92AD / ic-92AD.......Wanted ! !  


Do you have any questions.....mail to  me......
Like to add one of the ...Wanted ?
Make a zip / file and mail it to me......

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Free Manual, Service Manual, Brochures.

Icom ic-e2820 / ic-2820H

Icom ic-2820 gebruiksaanwijzing (pdf) NL Gezocht ! !

Icom ic-2820H Manual (pdf) USA    2,5Mb

Icom ic-e2820 Service Manual.zip (6,8Mb)

Icom ic-e2820 Manual (.rar) Greek (2,8Mb)

Icom ic-e2820 Manual (pdf) Portugues (3.2Mb)

Icom ic-e2820 Manual (pdf) Italian (10,3Mb)

Icom ic-e2820 Manual (pdf) Swedish (3,6Mb)

Icom ic-2820H Color Brochure (pdf) USA   700Kb

Icom ic-e2820 / ic-2820H Cloning / programming Software. zip (2,7Mb)

Icom ic-e2820 / ic-2820H Programming Cable opc-478 .gif
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Older ICOM manuals New ! !


The official Icom download site




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This will damage your device.

When programming your  ic 2820 remove external speaker.
Uploading / Downloading (Cloning) will not work when connected....

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 The Dutch  D-Star Repeater information websites

Do you have a update, email it to me.

Den Haag    PI1HGL  438.250 / -7,6

Amersfoort    PI1DSA   439.825 / -9,4

Haarlem    PI1SPN   438.400 / -7,6

Nijmegen    PI1NYM   439.850 / -9,4

Nijverdal   PA2RA    438.800 / -7,6

Dordrecht    PI1DEC   438.5375 / -7,6

Breda    PI1HWB   430.925 / -7,6

International D-Star links and information


DVRPTR.net   New ! !
D-STAR Boards - The original DVRPTR V1 Boards

D-Star Info van PE1RJV

DStar  Comms


APRS using the IC-2820 and Open-Tracker+

D-Star Calculator

D-Star link directory

D-Star TV


DV Dongle


KB9MWR Projects



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