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Peter Snejbjerg Nielsen (1953) was, like Teddy Kristiansen, born in Denmark. He attended the Kolding School of Arts and Crafts.

Snejbjerg began his comic-artist career by producing small stories for various publications, such as the Danish comics magazine Pulp Pages (Kulørte sider). His mammoth series Hypernauten appeared here but had to stop in the middle of the story, when the magazine folded. Instead this 200-page science fiction fantasy, lavish in both the epic and graphic sense, appeared as an album in 1990.

In 1991 Peter Snejbjerg was a contributor to the Tellerup publishers' horror album Slime (Slim). The same year his album The Hidden Protocol (Den skjulte protokol) appeared, written by Morten Hesseldahl. In this work, Snejbjerg goes back in time to the Egypt of 1916, in a fast-paced story full of action and mysticism. In 1992 Snejbjerg took the leap over the Atlantic with Teddy Kristiansen.

In America Snejbjerg is best known for his work on Vertigo's The Books of Magic, written by John Ney Rieber and the first three issues of The Dreaming written by Terry LaBan. Snejbjerg also had a stint on DC's Starman series.

Even though Peter Snejbjerg's comics have sprung over the Atlantic, his drawing board remains where it has been for years - in Gimle Studio in Copenhagen.

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Peter Snejbjerg
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