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Cover Preview
Lone Ranger #1
06/25/06 - Kingdom Come's 10th Anniversary
Comic Book Resources recently posted a lengthy interview with Alex Ross about the 10th Anniversary of the publication of 'Kingdom Come.' - The interview was part of their own 10th anniversary celebration of the creation of Comic Book Resources.

Here's a small excerpt of the interview:

Comic Book Resources: Let's talk a little about the work you put into the book. There is judicious use of easter eggs throughout each issue of the series. Now, there have been many books and annotations written about "Kingdom Come," but do you know if the readers found all of the easter eggs you put in there, or did some slip past them?

Alex Ross: Well, they certainly should have by this point simply because between the annotations I did for the Graphitti edition and some of the annotations done in "Comicology," they should have found all of them.

For the complete article/interview, click here.

Source: Comic Book Resources

06/25/06 - Ladrönn Covers Starkings' Elephantmen
The June-debuting ongoing series Elephantmen of genetically crafted anthropomorphic creatures mingling with the human population of earth will have covers by Jose Ladrönn. The series is written by Richard Starkings with art by Moritat.

The comics themselves will have a whole bunch of extras, including Father’s Day, in which Richard Starkings interviews comic book creators about their family lives (the first interview focuses on Ladrönn) and a letters page, a feature on the construction of each of Ladrönn's covers and a flip cover every issue. Upcoming flip covers will be by David Lloyd, Brian Bolland, Ian Churchill and Steve Skroce.

The series will ship under the Image banner.

For more information about Elphantmen, click here.

Source: Newsarama

06/25/06 - Tim Sale on Superman Confidential
DC will be kicking off two new series in November, focusing on the early days of their most popular heroes. While Batman Confidential will focus on the early days of the Dark Knight, Superman Confidential will examine the earlier days of the Man of Steel through the eyes of rotating creative teams.

First up on the Superman Confidential series is a six issue arc written by Darwyn Cooke and illustrated by Tim Sale.

Here's a small excerpt of an article posted on Newsarama:

In order to show that Superman Confidential’s Superman isn’t the modern-day version, but rather a slightly greener version of the hero, Sale said that he went back to the approach he took with Superman For All Seasons.

"The art style I'm using is different, but the innocence that my Superman has is the same," the artist said. "There is more variety in his expressions perhaps, in this version than the one I drew in For All Seasons."

For the complete article, click here.

Source: Newsarama

06/25/06 - Eduardo Risso's Borderline Collected
Dynamite Entertainment announced recently that they have rescheduled the first TPB release of Eduardo Risso’s Borderline. The first trade collection (of a projected four total trades) will now be available in September 2006.

Borderline, originally published in Italy, is a 600-page epic created by Risso and Trillo with whom the artist has previously worked on a slate of other projects. This powerful piece of graphic fiction has never before been available in the United States in English.

Source: Dynamite Entertainment

06/25/06 - John Romita Jr. talks 'The Eternals' Again
Comic Book Resources posted another short interview with John Romita Jr. about work on "The Eternals," the six-issue mini-series with writer Neil Gaiman, which reintroduces readers to the race of god like alien immortals and brings them to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. The interview also contains some preview art.

For the complete short interview, click here.

For more preview art and information about 'The Eternals', click here.

Source: Comic Book Resources & Newsarama

06/25/06 - J.G. Jones Interview
The Pulse recently posted an interview with J.G. Jones regarding his work on 52 - DC's weekly comic series.

Here's a small excerpt of the interview:

The Pulse: When you are working on something like a weekly event like 52 and it is so high profile - and there is SO much going on within the pages, how do you decide which even to epitomize on the cover?

J.G. Jones: The approach I take is to find something in each issue that will make an interesting image, without giving away too much. Sometimes it will be just a scene from the story. On others it ends up being something that synthesizes the themes in the main storyline from the issue.

For the complete interview, click here

Source: The Pulse

06/25/06 - Virgin Comics Announces Alex Ross Covers
Alex Ross, the acclaimed comic book illustrator is painting covers for Virgin Comics, it was announced recently by Virgin Comics CEO, Sharad Devarajan. His first work for Virgin is the cover of Ramayan Reborn #1 (in stores September 6). Ramayan Reborn is loosely based on India’s greatest legend, Ramayana originally written in Sanskrit more than two thousand years ago.

Source: Comic Book Resources

06/25/06 - Jones' 52: Creating Fifty-Two Covers
The Pulse recently posted a detailed article about how J.G. Jones designs his covers and the creative process involved in their going from concept to print:

"I start out by reading the script and then talking to the editor about what we are going for on the particular cover in question. After we hash out a direction, I begin noodling around in my sketchbook, looking for ideas. Sometimes I'll have a concept immediately, but usually I'll have to work at it for a while. I'll draw tiny thumbnail sketches, about 1"X2", and I'll often sharpen these up with ink and watercolor so that the editor can see a bit better how I'm perceiving the cover image."

For the complete article/interview, click here

Source: The Pulse

04/17/06 - San Diego Comic Con Loot - PART EIGHT - McKone Art
Here are two new pices of art from my personal collection I like to share with you. The first piece is a character design sheet of Wonder Girl by Mike McKone. The second piece is a quick head sketch of Superboy, also by Mike McKone. I got both pieces during the San Diego Comic Con 2004.

Wonder Girl Superboy
Wonder Girl
Mike McKone
July, 2004
Mike McKone
July, 2004

Peter Franken

04/17/06 - John Romita Jr. talks 'The Eternals'
The people over at Comic Book Resources recently posted a short interview with John Romita Jr. about his new exclusive 5-year contract with Marvel and his upcoming work on Neil Gaiman's 'The Eternals'.

Here's a small excerpt of the interview:

Comic Book Resources: I understand your first big project under this new contract is a new 'Eternals' series with writer Neil Gaiman at Marvel. Tell me about how this came together?

John Romita Jr.: One of the carrots Marvel dangled in front of me is that they had an opportunity for me to work with someone they thought was a home run. So, they that carrot up for a while because they weren’t positive about the writer. Then, one day I went in for lunch, when we were in the middle of contract negotiations and they pulled Neil Gaiman out of the hat for me. And, of course, you can’t turn that down.

For the complete interview, click here

Source: Comic Book Resources

04/17/06 - John Romita Jr. on 'The Eternals'
During the recent New York Comic-Con it was announced that John Romita Jr. has renewed his exclusive contract with Marvel and that he will be the artist of Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Eternals limited series, launching in June ’06. Romita said when drawing Eternals, he plasters his office with Jack Kirby art, and lets loose.

Romita Jr. has also been working on a 'The End' project for Marvel for sometime [Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four: The End], next to his regular work.

For more information and some preview art click here and here.

Source: Newsarama

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