Loes Snoodijk


To make the lingerie set you will need!

a small amount of silk or cotton fabric  (Do not use synthetic fabric,as it is difficult to glue!)

narrow lace, braid and ribbon 

Tacky Glue or any fabric glue 

a 5 p. coin,.


pair of  pointed scissor,sewing needle and thread

thin gold or silver wire to make  hook and eye for closing the bra.



Draw round coin and cut out two pieces of fabric for the bra cups (picture 1)


picture 2.

Glue 1/4 of the cup and pinch it together to form a dart hold until dry. (picture 2).                    (1/2 the cup for a more pointed bra)         

Work carefullly with the glue, as it can mark your fabric.

Fold must be on the wrong side of work. (picture 3)

Model the cup with the top of your little finger 


Cut a piece of lace, about the size of the cup from one end to the other.If your lace isn't small enough, you can cut it smaller,because with the glue it can't  unravel. Put a little glue on the topside of the cup (the seam must be  on the  bottom, see picture 4). Glue the piece of lace on the topside of the cup and pull the lace around the point of the cup. 

picture 1.







Glue about 10 mm. of lace and join the two cups together, make sure the cups are closer together at the top than at the bottom (look at your own bra for example)

Put a little bit glue around the bottom of the cup and glue the the braid on  (picture 6). 

                                        picture 6

picture 7

Cut two pieces of lace, about 35 mm.. Glue the lace on the slant, the smallest  side is the outside. Take care to glue the second piece of lace opposite.

Glue the a cup on the broad side of the lace.(picture 7). 

Make a little eye with thin  wire  and sew it to the end of the left back strap, make a little hook and sew it to the end of the right  back strap.(picture 8)


Cut two shoulder straps out of lace or ribbon and glue them inside the back and inside the cup.

picture 8


Cut  panties out of the same  fabric as the bra cups. (lenght about 45 mm. by 30 mm.) See picture for pattern!

Glue braid or lace around the leg edges (see picture).

Cut two pieces of lace and glue them to back and front of panties, then sew the side seams together.

Decorate with little roses, bows or glittering stones.


                                                                                       And this is the result!!

Note! I would like to say thanks to Dorothy Oliver, who helped me with the translation.


If you would like to show me your result, I would love to see them.My e-mail address is