SUZUKI DR 750-800 (DR BIG) Maintenance
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Motorblock fully disassemble and re-assemble.This is done at an SR-41 but is identical applicable to an SR-42/43. Also a nice explanation about cleaning the Mikuni carburetor. Do you want to make a gasket yourself, then I scanned various gaskets. This should be printed on A3 or A4 paper. The text and most images are not mine, and translated by google.


Dismantling motorcycle - Read more

Removing the engine - Read more

Dismantling the engine - Read more

Engine assembly - Read more

Carburetor Mikuni BST33 Big- Read more

Carburetor Mikuni BST40 (same principal) - Read more

Generator gasket (print on A3) - Read more

Clutch gasket (print on A3) - Read more

Gearshift gasket (print on A4) - Read more

Cylinder base gasket (print on A3) - Read more

Cylinder head gasket (print on A3) - Read more

Manual DR 750-800S BIG 1988-1997.pdf - Read more

Spark condition - Read more

Partnumbers '97- Read more

DR 790 build - Read more

Special Tool #09917-23711 - Read more

Clutch cover - Read more

Generator cover - Read more

All DR-models - Read more

Which chain to use - Read more

Seal/wiper front caliper partnumber with different pistonsize - Read more

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Electrical diagrams all models in color:

Wiring harness till '91 - Read more

Wiring harness from '91 till '96 - Read more

Wiring harness from '96 - Read more

Wiring harness light from '91 - Read more

Wiring harness till '91 witht CDI from '96 - Read more






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