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04/06/2004: Began this revised evrsion of the Walkthrough which I had planned
to submit. Walkthrough done up to Chapter 2.

05/06/2004: Walkthrough Chapter 3 partially completed. I THINK this was the
day I submitted this Guide to NeoSeeker.


- Chapter I: The Beginning
- Chapter II: The Eastern Areas
- Chapter III: The Southern Shore


|2 : W A L K T H R O U G H|


Kusanagi City - Street Corner
You begin here. Lots of dialogue. Typical beginning-of-Japanese-RPG stuff.

Kusanagi City - Online Centre
After yet more talk, you can select your Digimon. See above for their 
contents. After this, you will automatically enter the Digital World!

Central Sector - Matrix Chamber
We are now inside the Net! You will appear in a room full of Teleporters.
And I just couldn't resist saying "Beam me up, Scotty!" ^_^. Anyway, on to
the Main Lobby.

Central Sector - Main Lobby
Here, you can finally control your Character! Yay! Talk to everyone and
approach the left girl in a uniform. These people are known as Navis, and
will help you in your quest. Talk to her again, and you can download your
Partner Digimon. Kumamon, Guilmon and Patamon will arrive and introduce
themselves, and you will head out into Asuka City.

Central Sector - Asuka City
No sooner have you taken a couple of steps than an old fellow stops you.
His name is Genji, and he can help you out later on, too. He will Digi-
Battle you. He has a Kuwagamon. Don't be intimdated - it may be big, and
it may be a Champion, but it can be defeated with one Finisher. After
that, we head to the Digimon Lab.

Central Sector - Digimon Lab
Two Navis and a girl are in the immediate area. Down the sairs and up the
other stairs is Dr. Kadomatsu, who will be very helpful - drop off
Kumamon and Patamon with him. Now, let's move out. You could either head
back up to the Navis and go through the door to get back to the Main
Lobby, where the Navis will have more hints, before leaving as you did
before the battle with Genji, or leave using the other door in the Lab.
Either way, we're back out in Asuka City.

Central Sector - Asuka City
HOORAY! We can now explore the world! Well, a small part of it, anyway.
First, locate the Inn. It's down the steps from the Admin Centre. there's
a Guardromon in here (he likes to SHOUT, doesn't he?!), and a Gatomon.
For 8 Bits per Digimon, Gatomon will heal you. Nice kitty...anyway, the
Guardromon will Save the game for you - it takes a while, but it's 
necessary in this game. 

Leave the Inn, and enter the building next to it, which is the Item Shop.
And yes, the music in the Item Shop is indeed the Fusion Shop music from
Digital Card Battle. Except with no weirdo Andromon (far out!). Wizardmon
can't give you extra Digimon using his wand this time, but he can sell
you Items. You can also sell things to him. Gomamon sells Rings and other
Accessories, but for some of the best ones, you'll have to fight Digimon
for them. Thankfully, Guilmon's Digivolutions get Stealing abilities, so
you can grab the Item and run! Nice!

Exit, and enter the building below the Item Shop. This is the Lamb Chop
(Bandai clearly aren't vegetarians), which is a bar of some sort. No
Digi-Beer for sale, unfortunately. A drunk Diaboromon would cause
trouble ^_^. Up the stairs and along the walkway is an opening - go
through. You're now in the downstairs area of the Inn. Go through the
other opening down here. Go right first, and climb down the ladder. Go
through the opening, and into the Asuka Sewers.

Central Sector - Asuka Sewers
You can't do much here yet. Just grab the 300 Bits from the orange box
and leave. You'll be able to get that other box later on.

Central Sector - Asuka City
Climb back up the ladder and go left, past the door. At the end, there
will be another opening. Go through. There are two old people under a
massive tree, wanting to be Digimon (which fan doesn't? ^_^). You can
also enter the (currently abandoned) Cargo Tower to the north. Quick
challenge - name five RPGs on PlayStation which DO NOT have a Tower of 
some sort in them. Tough, isn't it? Anyway, enter the Yellow Cruiser,
which is the northernmost building on the path where the tunnel comes

Talk to Divermon, and after a scene involving people playing the Card
Game and you recieving a Folder Bag with three Custom Beginner Folders
in it, you can leave. Next door is the El Dorado, but you'll just be
stopped by some kid who thinks he's "cool". Saying things like "Yo
Bud" and "Man, that's not right" does NOT necessarily make him cool.
To be allowed in, you have to...well, I don't know. It could be
Charisma, it could be Game Progress, I just don't know. I can usually
get in after defeating Seiryu Leader, though. Once you're accepted,
talk to Ponchomon and you'll be able to learn of the real purpose of
the Cargo Tower...bring lots of Bits, though.

With not much else to do in the City, return to the Inn to Save again,
and leave the City. The exit is in the south-west.

Central Sector - Central Park
Digimon In This Area - Tapirmon, Kunemon
Later In The Game - Kuwagamon

There are Wild Digimon here. They don't show up too much, but they are
there. There is also a Gym here (see the appropriate Section above).
Train Guilmon to Level 4 by fighting Wild Digimon, then head up the
hill to Plug Cape, climbing to the roof of the Gym, then climbing down
to the Power Charge, before retracing your steps back to the hill and
going onward.

Central Sector - Plug Cape
Digimon In This Area - Vegiemon, Betamon, Coelamon, Triceramon
Later In The Game - Tuskmon

STAY OFF THE BEACH. Until you reach about Level 10, fighting the
Coelamons on the beach is risky. They are powerful and can Evade a bit
too. Vegiemon and Betamon are good for Levelling-Up (and Betamon can
drop Power Charges), but Coelamon is a no-no. They occasionally drop
Ice Chips, though. And if you're a total rebel and go along the beach
AND onto the mountain, you will encounter Triceramons. Massive
Ultimates. Avoid until Level 9-12. Anyway, go down the sandy path to
the Soccer fan. He is kicking a tree. Why? He'll explain. For now, go
back to Central Park.

Central Sector - Central Park
This time, go down the path and exit to the south.

Central Sector - Shell Beach
Digimon In This Area - Betamon, Coelamon
Later In The Game - Shellmon

Make your way to the fisherman (Tai Kong Wong) and pray that you don't
encounter a Coelamon. You don't HAVE to do this - you could hang on
until later. In fact, you could skip Shell Beach altogether for now.
Either way, you'll either be in Central Park or you'll have to return
to it.

Central Sector - Central Park
Head north into Asuka City again.

Central Sector - Asuka City
Heal and Save at the Inn. By now, Guilmon should be at Level 5+, so
you should have Growlmon as a Digivolution. Set Growlmon as your
Digivolution. Go to the low area of the Inn, and check the shelves
for the Gabumon Card. Leave, and check it again for 300 Bits. Now,
leave to Central Park yet again.

Central Sector - Central Park
Same old boring place. Go back to Plug Cape and train if you want to
- I recommend Level 6-7. Also, give the Gabumon Card to the kid for 
information on Veemon. You'll get more info if you head back to Asuka 
City's Lamb Chop and talk to the girl in a strange uniform. Once
you're ready, go east to the Wire Forest Entrance.

Central Sector - Wire Forest Entrance
Digimon In This Area - Kunemon, Tapirmon
Later In The Game - Kabuterimon

This is next to the border between Central Sector and East Sector.
Head south-east to the next area.


East Sector - West Wire Forest
Digimon In This Area - Betamon, Kabuterimon
Later In The Game - Kabuterimon (Green)

Our introduction to East Sector is this boring forest. Seriously, I
don't like this place. Anyway, personal opinions aside, You have to
keep going until you come to a split in the path. Go up and keep
going to get an Item. Return to the split and go south this time.
Just keep going to the next area.

East Sector - East Wire Forest
Digimon In This Area - Betamon, Kabuterimon
Later In The Game - Kabuterimon (Green)

This is slightly more eventful. There's a split in the south-west,
with one path leading to a lake and the other leading to the Inn.
The Tamer at the lake won't DigiBattle or Card Battle yet. Heal and
save at the Inn, before leaving and continuing. Ignore the path up
for now, and keep going.

East Sector - Divermon's Lake
Digimon In This Area - Crabmon, Seadramon
Later In The Game - Shellmon, Divermon

This is a calm place. At the initial split, go north for the Item,
then return. Don't cross the bridge yet - go down the ladder and
speak to the Divermon. He is choking on something. Help him to get
the Red Snapper out and he'll let you keep it (EURGH!). This is
a component of the Fishing Rod.

Return to the start of the bridge. Cross it this time, and go up
for another Item. Go south and follow the path. Those trees are
concealing a small area - remember this, because you'll need to
get into this area later on. Go east and leave the Lake area.

East Sector - Wind Prairie
Digimon In This Area - Yanmamon, Vegiemon
Later In The Game - RedVegiemon, Woodmon

Go east until you see the entrance to Seiryu City. And take a look at
that big statue - it looks like a Cactuar from the Final Fantasy games ^_^.
Only this one doesn't run away all the time...

East Sector - Seiryu City
Another City! Yay! In the Zephyr Tower, you'll find Wizardmon, Gatomon and
Gomamon offering their usual services, plus Divermon. In the nearby Seiryu 
Tower, Piximon is floating in front of what appears to be a big green tanker. 
He/she offers the same service as Dr. Kadomatsu, only with an easier-to-
pronounce name ^_^. Upstairs to to the kid near the exit to the dome, and 
he'll tell you where Seiryu Leader is. You MUST talk to this kid, otherwise 
Seiryu Leader will just tell you to leave him alone if you speak to him. When 
all is done here, leave the city.

East Sector - Wind Prairie
Go back to Divermon's Lake from here.

East Sector - Divermon's Lake
Go right back to the bridge and cross it. Re-enter the Wire Forest.

East Sector - East Wire Forest
This time, go up the ramp and go north into the Protocol Forest.

East Sector - Protocol Forest
Digimon In this Area - Dokunemon
Later In The Game - Unknown

After walking a short distance, you will come across the first real puzzle in
this game. You have to get from the south-west part of the Forest to the
North-West area. Trouble is, there are thick trees blocking your view. Work
your way around the lower area going to the right, then move up and left.
After moving down a little, you will find a statue. Walk up the nearby stairs
to the game's first dungeon - Protocol Ruins.

East Sector - Protocol Ruins
Digimon In This Area - Minotarumon, Goburimon
Later In The Game - Baronmon

Okay, so it's not much of a dungeon, but it's still a dungeon. Go north-east
on the crossing paths before going in a westerly direction. Eventually, you
will find some stairs. You can ignore the big fellow at the top, but you may
as well fight him. Yes folks, it's the first Boss!

Digimon Boss: Pharaohmon
Attacks: Normal Attack, Necro Mist
Recommended Level: 7-9
He's a Mega. And he's big. Actually, he's ENORMOUS. His Necro Mist is less
powerful than his standard attack, but it can Poison you - not good. He isn't
too difficult to defeat despite all this.

Once he is defeated, he will give you the Old Wand. Drop off the nearby ledge
(the drop-area symbol looks like a "^^^^^" sign). You will ALWAYS be attacked
here (unless you are VERY lucky - I've done it without being attacked once).
Walk through the tunnel under Pharaohmon (use your Satellite to see where you
are), and keep going until you find the Seiryu Leader. If you spoke the that
boy back in Seiryu City, the Leader will set you a new challenge - you must
defeat MasterTyrannomon, who has now moved to Tyranno Valley. Drop off nearby,
and leave the Ruins.

East Sector - Protocol Forest
If you wish, you could get a Spider Web from a Dokunemon and go back to
Central Sector to get the Fishing Rod (see the Fishing Section). Otherwise,
just return to the Wind Prairie.

East Sector - Wind Prairie
Pop into Seiryu City to Heal and Save. Once you're back out on the Prairie,
go to the south-east. You should see Veemon there if you did the whole Gabumon
Card thing back in Central Sector. Follow him into the Kicking Forest.

East Sector - Kicking Forest
Digimon In This Area: Vegiemon, Woodmon, Gizamon
Later In The Game: RedVegiemon

Why is this place called the Kicking Forest? Because it has so many Kicking
Trees, genius ^_^! Veemon is hiding in the first batch. Run around pressing X
until you find our little blue friend. Should you accidentally leave the
Forest, speak to the girl in the Lamb Chop in Asuka City again to make Veemon
re-appear. Anyway, once you have located him, he will give you the Tree Boots.
You can now kick the trees to find Cardmons. Just a little note - there are
two Agumons hiding in the Forest during the Veemon hunt - one south of the
lake, and another near the East Station. However, Veemon never hides that far
away. When you've done all that, go north up the ladders to Tyranno Valley.

East Sector - Tyranno Valley
Digimon In This Area - Airdramon, Tyrannomon, Triceramon
Later In The Game: Unknown

The Wild Digimon here sound nasty, don't they? Hopefully, if you could beat
Pharaohmon, you'll be able to beat them. Climb the right ladder and work your
way to the north-west, past the giant fossil, and climb the ladder into the
massive dino-head fossil. MasterTyrannomon's throne is up here. If you've been
to see Seiryu Leader in the Protocol Ruins, this former resident of the
Ancient Dino region will battle with you.

Digimon Boss: MasterTyrannomon
Attacks: Normal Attack, Master Fire
Recommended Level: 8-10
This beast is MUCH bigger than he was in Digimon World. His attacks are strong,
and he takes quite a few hits unless you've been Levelling-Up a lot. A word of
advice - DO NOT SEND RENAMON INTO THIS BATTLE. She will die. Very quickly.

Once he is defeated, he will give you the Old Claw. This can be used by Guilmon
and Agumon. Now, return to Seiryu City - you can take that crazy jump at the
^^^^^ thing if you want - somehow you survive the drop.

East Sector - Seiryu City
Rest up with Gatomon. Buy some Items if you need to. Save with Guardromon and
go up to the top of the Seiryu Tower. Go through the opening into the dome.
Speak to Seiryu Leader, and feel his power! ...and some catchy, yet annoying

Tamer Boss: Seiryu Leader
Digimon: Minotarumon, Tyrannomon, Apemon
Recommended Level: 9-11
Your first Tamer Boss. His first two Digimon aren't bad, but they aren't too
difficult to bring down. They are slightly better than Wild Digimon of their
species. Apemon is a Digimon which you haven't met before. It looks like a
yellow monkey - logical, eh? ^_^ Defeat it and heal often as you do so. DNA
Digivolution is useful here.

When Seiryu Leader has been beaten, he will give you the Silver ID (allowing
you to train in more Stats at Gyms) and the Seiryu Badge. Hang on, is this
Digimon or Pokemon? ^_^ Anyway, our work here is done. head out across the
Prairie to the Kicking Forest.

East Sector - Kicking Forest
Go south-east then round the trees and north-west to the East Station.

East Sector - East Station
East Station is, logically, the Gondola Station for East Sector. Try to use
the console to grant you passage on the Gondola. Access Denied. You need a
Blue Card. Apparently, Guilmon carries one. However, if YOU have Guilmon,
he WON'T have one. Gah! Return to Seiryu City.

East Sector - Seiryu City
Speak to Guilmon outside Seiryu Tower. He will tell you that his brother 
has the Blue Card. Do Digimon have brothers? Anyway, head to Asuka City.

Central Sector - Asuka City
We're back where we started. Use the tunnel which is accessed via the Inn
and speak to Guilmon. Nope, it's not him who has the Blue Card. Back to
Seiryu City then. Before you go, get the Fishing Rod made for you at Shell
Beach if you haven't already.

East Sector - Seiryu City
Speak to Tricky Guilmon in the Zephyr Tower. He will give you the Card...
or will he? Well, head to East Station again to find out.

East Sector - East Station
Surprise - it's a fake. It's the "8lue Card", not the "Blue Card". Back to
Seiryu City again, once you've tried using the console again.

East Sector - Seiryu City
Ask around and you'll learn the TG left the City. You COULD spend ages
looking for him, but I'll tell you where he is anyway. Go to the East Wire

East Sector - East Wire Forest
Go south-east (ignore the hill) and enter the Inn.

East Sector - East Wire Forest Inn
Go up the stairs, then go past Guardromon. Climb down the ladder and enter
the Basement. At the end of the tunnel, you will find Tricky Guilmon. He will
give you the real Blue Card. Now, let's head back to Seiryu City to Rest and
Save, and head to the East Station. Get plenty of Power Charges and train your
Digimon first, though.

East Sector - East Station
Yes! It works! Use the console, and board the Gondola.

Underground - Deeper Crevice
While you're on your way to South Sector, the Gondola will stop. It's not a
break-down, it's stopped to avoid the earthquake up ahead. After a few rocks
falling (some of them narrow misses) a big metal thing will fall. Boss Battle

Digimon Boss: Bulbmon
Attacks: Normal Attack, Mad Pump
Recommended Level: 11-13
Bulbmon a.k.a Ultimate Renamon Killer is very powerful. Don't use Renamon, as
you may have worked out. One hit from Bulbmon is likely to knock fox-girl
dead. His Mad Pump is a powerful Water Technique. You'll have to be very
careful, and heal whenever necessary. If you can DNA Digivolve to Paildramon
(Stingmon and ExVeemon) use that.

Finally, he's beaten. For now at least.

Well, Chapter II has really gone out with a bang (or more accurately a Bulb),
so now, let's explore the South Sector.


South Sector - South Station
Just leave.

South Sector - Bulk Bridge
Our first breath of fresh air in this Sector is in Bulk Swamp. Not the sort of
welcome I was hoping for, but still, nevertheless, it's a welcome. Go across
the Bulk Bridge to the Bulk Swamp.

South Sector - Bulk Swamp
Go south-west, then north-west into the Tranquil Swamp.

South Sector - Tranquil Swamp
You'll meet a fellow in front of a house, frightened to go in. Who you gonna
call...not this Ghostbuster! ^_^ Seriously, he's petrified of ghosts. Enter
the house yourself.

South Sector - Shaman House
WooOOOOOOOoooo...okay, I can't scare you...anyway, Sepikmon is in here, and
he won't come down until you locate his missing mask. He is, at the moment,
having to use a brown paper bag. Don't laugh - this is serious. Really...

South Sector - Tranquil Swamp
There's an Inn here. Heal and Save. When you've done that, head back to Bulk

South Sector - Bulk Bridge
Go south-west into the pleasantly named Jungle Grave.

South Sector - Jungle Grave
WATCH OUT FOR MUSYAMON. It is rare, but very powerful. Work your way through
until you find the leader of the Musyamons - Zanbamon. 

Digimon Boss: Zanbamon
Attacks: Normal Attack, Hunting Knife
Recommended Level: 12-15
Prepare to die. There is NO WAY that you can defeat Zanbamon. Even if you are
at Level 99 (why???), you still probably can't win. Why is that? Because after
the second attack from Zanbamon, your Digimon will flee in fear. He thankfully
won't use Hunting Knife this time, but next time...yes, next time....

Okay, we can't defeat him. So we've come all this way for nothing. Yeah right...
Let's head back to Sepikmon and see if he can provide some assistance. Return to
his house in the Tranquil Swamp.

South Sector - Shaman House
Sepikmon lost his mask when he was with his friend, Baronmon. So let's find him.
He's in Protocol Ruins, back in East Sector, so let's head there.

East Sector - Protocol Ruins
Remember the path you didn't take last time? Well, this time go NORTH at the snake
statue, until you reach the tower. Climb the ladder and you'll find Baronmon at
the top. After a conversation, we're off again - this time back to Asuka Bridge.

Central Sector - Asuka Bridge
Don't enter the City. Instead, go to the right of the gates then down to find a
small dock. You'll be able to use this soon. For now, you will find someone
standing there - Sepikmon. He seems rather nasty. Enter the City.

Central Sector - Asuka City
Ask around and you will find that Sepikmon has been a bad Digimon. He has stolen
some Cards, plus Mika's candy bar (aw, poor baby ;) ), and various other things.
If you go through the Underground Path, you'll find Etemon standing near the tree
(uh-huh-huh! :) ), and he is ashamed that Sepikmon is the same type of Digimon as
him. Once we're done here, we're off to Divermon's Lake.

East Sector - Divermon's Lake
Cross the bridge and keep going as if you were heading for Wind Prairie. However,
when you reach the trees near the bottom, go THROUGH them to a hidden area, which
was mentioned in Chapter 2. Here, you'll meet Nick. After some chatting, let's go
back to Asuka City...

Central Sector - Asuka City
Go through the Underground Path to the tree again. Etemon will flee if you speak
to him. He can't hide from us! Get back into the Underground Path.

Central Sector - Underground Path
Head back toward the door leading to the Inn, but go past it and into the Sewers.

Central Sector - Asuka Sewers
Here, speak to Etemon and he will reveal himself to be a human in disguise. He
will give you Sepikmon's Mask. Let's take this back to its rightful owner and
see if we can find a way to get past Zanbamon.

South Sector - Shaman House
Once Sepikmon has his mask on again, he will give you the Smelly Herb. It seems
that despite his mask and everything, Zanbamon hates the smell of this. Off to
the Jungle Grave we go...

South Sector - Jungle Grave
Speak to Zanbamon after crossing the walkways. He will flee, and we can now
continue our journey. However, you CAN battle him again if you wish, but not
here. He's in an area on the other side of the Sector. For now, continue on
through the Jungle Grave, and get out into the much more pleasantly named
Phoenix Bay!

South Sector - Phoenix Bay
There are Apemons here. Quite powerful, too. This is a good place to train
by fishing up Seadramons, but for now, cross the bridges and go north-east
at the junction (read the sign for more information). Now, enter Suzaku
City to try for your second Badge!

South Sector - Suzaku City
This Venice-style City contains various places to visit.

M O R E   T O   C O M E . . .