RC Model of a 

Russian Kometa-m 


On the 08th of June I was the highest bidder on for a
Unique fiberglass model of a Kometa-M hydrofoil.
 In the info the seller says he was not shipping the model.
The model was in Germany near Freiburg...
So i went to Germany to get it,650 kilometre(450 miles) to get there and 650 back.... 
The weather was very good(32 Celsius), So Robin volunteered to go with his car.
And I said, Yes !!
The car has a airco and a  automatic transmission.
That's easy on the German high way, where you can go 150Km/u!! 

The kit  is 95% complete, with two plans and building description.

modelkometadraw02.JPG (24718 bytes) modelkometadraw03.JPG (23666 bytes)
The foils are fitted to the hull ,and the seller tolled me the model preformed well.

modelkometa05.JPG (51351 bytes)

The model is made by Siderea Model in Rome.( Italy.)
 It was sold by the Mantua Model company in the 80s.

manufacturerinfo.jpg (19546 bytes)

In a few weeks I hope to start building the model.