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    The games Timeline Order.
    1. Metroid Zero Mission / Metroid.
    2. Metroid Prime.
    3. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
    4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
    5. Metroid Prime: Hunters.
    6. Metroid 2: Return of Samus.
    7. Super Metroid.
    8. Metroid: Other M.
    9. Metroid Fusion.

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    Metroid Timeline, the past present and Future of Samus's fought battles and battles yet to come...

    Chapter I;

    This timeline contains multiple races, the Chozo; a bird like race, highly intelligent and highly advanced in both space travel, and research. The mysterious Luminoth and the deadly Ing. A number of multiple races named as the Galactic Federation in this timeline, the traveling nomads, a group which exists out of robbers, assassins and mercenaries, known as The Space Pirates. Later they'll be known as the Zebesians. Then there are some other bounty hunters who all seek the most powerful weapon ever created by a living being, which seems to be located in the Alimbic Cluster, somewhere in the Tetra Galaxy. This timeline covers the whole metroid series, the history, present and future of metroid. Some events in this story take place at the same time.

    It's the year 20X3,

    Man has reached the limits, the final frontier is at hand. Man has colonized space. Many planets in the far outskirts of the universe are now the home of millions of humans. Many new races are discovered and many more are there to be found every day.

    All together they made a pact to bear peace and prosperity, to accomplish this pact the delegates of hundreds of different civilizations, created a council to keep a watchful eye over the galaxy. This council is known as the Galactic Federation. All together they reign the galaxy with an iron fist, and peace and prosperity was everywhere. Merchant ships and transporters flew by from one planet to another planet. Unfortunate more and more Space Pirates appeared, attacking merchant ships and transporters without warning. Most of the times they eliminate the crew of these ships and steal their goods. The Galactic Federation knew something was bound to be done against this, to do so they trained many lifeforms to form a special group, known as the Space Police. With the Space Police the piracy draws back little by little, until one day an unknown life form was discovered on a planet in the X7Z-301 sector of the universe, This sector is still a mystery to the Federation, not much is known about this sector of the cold and dark universe.

    In this sector on planet SR-388 an unknown life form is discovered by accident, the civilization of this planet was exterminated long ago. No one seems to know what caused this terrifying disaster, yet the answer to this question was only a few steps away. The life form was put to rest in a capsule and could easily be revived by Gamma Radiation. The scientists took the capsule to a colony not to far away from SR-388, this colony was called K2-L. Quite some years of research took place and the results were shocking, the scientist found out that the newly discovered life form might be the cause of the eliminated civilization, on both SR-388 and SR-338, they called the life form Metroid.

    Thou to the huge threat that the Metroid might cause the scientists decided to transport the ship to planet Earth, for final research and extermination of the Metroids. Word spread fast through the universe and it didn't take long before the space pirates got word of the Metroid, They wanted the Metroid for themselves to use it as a bio-parasitic weapon, so The leader of the space pirates ordered Ridley and a fully armed army of Space Pirates to attack planet K2-L, with the goal to retrieve the Metroid, when the space Pirates arrived at K2-L they exterminated the whole civilization and every other living being which might form a threat for the Space Pirates. Only one person survived this vicious and ruthless attack of the Space Pirates, this girl was called Samus Aran. She came here only recently when her parents where asked to work in the research facility on Planet K2-L.

    Not much later the space Pirates found out that the Capsule containing the metroid was no longer on planet K2-L, but was on it's way in a long distant ship towards Earth, the pirates left K2-L on the double and rushed after the Long distance ship, containing the metroid. It didn't take long for the Space Pirates to reach the long distance ship containing the metroid, so they took the long distance ship by storm, and exterminated every single crew member, they captured the Capsule containing the Metroid. With it they flew back to a planet which they had in mind for a long time, to make this planet their own… Planet Zebes. Again the Space Pirates attacked without warning, and on their way down the Space Pirates exterminated all of the natives, and many Chozo. The Chozo who survived fled Planet Zebes, and left for a new location for them to live in peace…

    They took of to Planet K2-L, when they arrived on K2-L they found nothing but ruins, and dead people, yet they also found the only survivor, Samus Aran, and they took her with them raised her as one of their own. They trained her for many years, finally she was nearly finished with her training. She got Chozo blood administered in her body, giving her powers beyond human knowledge, besides that she was wrapped in a special suit created by the Chozo. This suit was known as the Power suit.

    Meanwhile on another planet in the deep cold blackness of Space, another Chozo Civilization lives, This civilization of the chozo reached a technological height, the Chozo felt their spirituality draining away. Their culture leant strongly on predictions and traditions, and at the same time with the rise of the evil they foresaw the apocalypse for the Chozo. Not much later a Gigantic Meteor struck the surface of Tallon IV. Through the impact a large cloud of effervescent material spread out in the atmosphere, through which the world became infected with the destroying element that was named Phazon. This element immediately sank deeply in earth and water which poisoned all the life. Most of the plants and animals died while others mutated in horrible creatures. The Chozo, used all of their knowledge and technology to stop the spreading of the fatal Phazon, but sadly all their tries where in vain, only one thing was left to do for the Chozo, They decided to build a gigantic temple over the Impact Crater... to seal the impact crater off, after several years the temple was finally finished, the remaining Chozo who survived on Tallon IV left the planet in search of a new place to live in peace and prosperity.

    Nearly 20 years have passed since the incident on K2-L, and the capturing of the Capsule containing the Metroid, The Space Pirates where ready to use the Metroids as a bio parasitic weapon to conquer the universe. Their attacks became more and more deadly and without warning, the Galactic Federation knew they had to do something, To accomplish this they summoned many creatures and humans, to act as a special force against the Space Pirates. They where ordered to capture any Space Pirate they could dead or alive it didn't matter. They received high prices for every Space Pirate they captured and thus they became known as Space Bounty Hunters. One of the most familiar Hunters became Samus Aran, wrapped in her Power suit and trained by the Chozo the Space Pirates trembled when they heard the name Samus Aran, And many civilizations saw Samus Aran as a savior sent by the gods… A long time passed before Samus reached this status, and that is the story which is told here...

    After a long search the Galactic Federation located the home base of the Space Pirates on Planet Zebes, they planned a major attack on this planet To exterminate the Space Pirates, but the Pirates where to strong, the Galactic Army and Galactic Police was no match for the incredible powerful Space Pirate army and their Metroids, they where whipped out and pushed back with ease. The Galactic Federation nearly abandoned hope, until one person named Adam Malkovich came with and idea… Which went as follows; "What if we sent in only one of our best Bounty Hunters, to take care of the Space Pirates from inside their fortress…?"

    The galactic Federation thought the idea to be madness, but a possibility to succeed, but then the question was who can be strong enough or better yet stupid enough, to risk his life for this…? The answer was simple, Not 'he', but 'she' Adam said; I think Samus Aran will be the perfect candidate for this, the Space Pirates fear the name Samus Aran, and if she makes it in to the fortress, she just might be able to succeed, after all she is the best bounty hunter known to man and beast…And she was born and raised some years on Zebes, she knows every detail of the planet. So Samus was summoned and the plan had been explained to her. Thinking about the plan and Planet Zebes, which was her planet of birth, before she moved to K2-L with her parents Samus decided to accept the mission and she completely blocked the thoughts of the planet she once called home in times passed... It's madness she said, but if someone can accomplish this, it's me, besides I've been hunting the Space Pirates for a long time now, and an opportunity to finish this once and for all, I can not deny. She set course to Planet Zebes... In order to stop the Space Pirates and their leaders... This is the beginning of her first mission, but what the future holds is much darker then anyone could imagine...

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    Chapter II;
    Metroid/Zero Mission.

    This is were Metroid I and Zero Mission fall in place. After a long and hard fight Samus succeeded in entering the fortress on Zebes, but time is ticking. Samus Aran is our last hope. Finally after a very tough fight Samus succeeded in stopping the evil plans of he Space Pirates and took care of Ridley, Kraid, Mother Brain and the Metroids. When she was done with this a time bomb was set to take care of Samus and destroy the underground facility of Tourian. Samus succeeded in escaping Tourian and returned to her ship. But when she set course for the Galactic Federation HQ, something terrible happened, Samus was surprised by Space Pirate battle ships and she was shot down, crash landed back on planet Zebes. Her suit was damaged heavily and no longer useful, only with an Alarm gun Samus had to infiltrate the Space Pirate Mother ship, the ship was highly secured with alarms and trigger mechanisms. After a very difficult search Samus managed to reach the Chozo Ruins known as Chozodia, it was there that Samus found her new Power suit, much more powerful then her previous suit, with this suit Samus succeeded in fully infiltrating the Space Pirate Mother ship, destroy Mecha Ridley and escaped the Space Pirate Mother ship which later became known as Wrecked ship. Samus successfully eliminated the Metroids, Kraid, Ridley and the mother brain, also she succeeded in destroying the Space Pirate Mother ship and escaped Zebes, after that she returned to the Galactic Federation HQ.

    Metroid, 1986 NESNevertheless the Space Pirates where everything but defeated. The surviving Space Pirates split into two groups, one group stayed behind at Zebes, to rebuilt the fallen Tourian, resurrect Kraid, Ridley and Mother brain. Also they found new accomplishes to make an even greater army then ever before. They knew Samus might come back someday, therefor they spread word trough subspace to get even more powerful accomplishes, their cry for help was answered, by the Elite Pirates from a distant galaxy in the far outskirts of sector V-21-PQ0, much later this planet became to be known as the "Pirate Homeworld", this race was an even more vicious race then the Space Pirates itself, this race was known as the Key-Hunters, and feared by many in that region. Winged pirates with incredible power, high technological and subspace traveling skills to make things worse 2 of their great Leaders, Phantoon and Draygon came with the Key-Hunters. They moved almost their entire civilization to Planet Zebes. To answer the call of the Zebesians...

    The other group left zebes to search new energy sources. Their search ended quickly, they discovered Tallon IV, with the possible energy source Phazon on the surface, and research was promising they located an ever lasting Phazon source deep inside the core of the planet, all they had to do was find a way to reach it... Research only just began and the Space pirates already found endless possibilities with the Phazon. They wanted to try zero-G Phazon experiments on many of the native creatures and transported them to their space laboratory, circling around the orbit of Tallon IV. After some more research they where ready to test the possibilities with the phazon on their own people, turning them in war machines, research had failed but they didn't give up, so the Pirates needed more Phazon for their research, they kept digging deeper mine shafts and brought more and more phazon to the surface. They transported the Phazon to the two most important research laboratories in Phendrana Drifts. It was much safer to keep the phazon there due to the low temperatures, Research booked fast progress, and the Phazon was ready to be used on the pirates itself, they knew their research was worth it when they completed their first Phazon infused Space Pirates, but this was only the beginning, Project Elite was successful, and the first Elites where ready to be used as weapons against anyone who opposes them. These Pirates where known as Phazon Elites... Extremely powerful Pirates infused with Phazon...

    Metroid: Zero Mission, 2004 GBAEven trough the booked success of their Elite Pirates the Space Pirates wanted more and more and continued their Zero G Phazon experiments to make even more powerful pirates. The experiments weren't successful at first but after another year of research, they finally accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. Their Zero G Phazon experiments succeeded and the first of the new pirates were created successfully, Project Omega was a success! The first Omega Pirate was born, and this pirate was created as an example to anyone who opposes the Space Pirates, many more where there to come. The first Omega Pirate was only the beginning of an army so powerful that the Galactic Federation was bound to kneel for the opposing force of the Pirates... and soon the entire Universe...

    After a long search of the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran, Samus Finally located the Space Pirates near planet Tallon IV. She moved towards the space laboratory led by the Space Pirates as fast as she could and succeeded in entering the Frigate, to stop the Space Pirates once and for all.

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    Chapter III;
    Metroid Prime.

    This is were Metroid Prime falls in place. Samus succeeded in stopping the Space Pirates research in the Frigate and moved towards Planet Tallon IV, to stop the Space Pirate army and the Phazon infused Pirates, yet this isn't all which happened, besides the Space Pirates she found an even greater threat on Tallon IV, A threat greater then all the space Pirates together. A threat which made the Omega Pirate look like nothing, compared to that which lurks in the depths of the impact Crater on Tallon IV.. known simply as the Worm, This is a Metroid which evolved into a terrifying creature due to massive Phazon Radiation and Corruption which can destroy entire civilizations in mere hours when it get's released or ends up in the wrong hands.. Samus wasn't the only one who knew of this threat. Ridley knew that this creature exists too, Ridley wanted this creature as one of their own.. This Ridley is greatly enhanced with armor plating and Phazon, known as Meta Ridley.. This evil existence must be destroyed before Samus can reach the depths of the impact crater, where she encounters the most terrifying creature she could imagine... For now... Metroid Prime...

    Metroid Prime, 2002 GamecubeAfter a long and harsh battle Samus succeeded in exterminating Metroid Prime and the Space Pirates on Tallon IV. Samus returned to the Galactic Federation HQ, to explain the Space Pirate threat on Tallon IV, and how she managed to stop them. Finally Samus earned a well deserved rest, yet the rest was only short. She left the Galactic Federation HQ and started to enjoy her well deserved rest. But then she received an urgent message Priority 1. A small task force of elite Federation Troopers followed a Pirate vessel, to a distant planet, an unstable planet. The Task force lost track of the Pirates and their ship crashlanded on the planet, after they build a small stronghold and where able to communicate with the Federation HQ, only moments later the Federation heard awfull screams in between the interference from the atmosphere of the unstable planet making communication nearly impossible shortly after communication was lost from the remote planet, which was known as Aether it was on the outer borders of the Federation space. This is where Metroid Prime II: Echoes falls in place.

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    Chapter IV;
    Metroid Prime II: Echoes.

    They decided to Sent Samus to Aether and look for survivors. On entering the atmosphere of the unstable world of Aether, Samus's ship got struck by a plasma storm and she crashlanded on Aether. What Samus learned there was terryfying, somehow a part of Metroid Prime travelled with Samus and copied her Power Suit from parts of the Phazon Enhanced suit she worn on the first encounter with Metroid Prime which was drained empty in the last seconds of Metroid Prime's life, energized by Phazon, this Life form "lived" on Phazon and became known as Dark Samus. A deadly foe, She saw Dark Samus go into a portal and Samus Followed, she stood in a Crystal beacon in a Dark World, a paralel Unviverse of Planet Aether. Samus tried to reach Dark Samus, but the moment she placed her hand outside the crystal radiation her suit was infected by corrosion, quickly she pulled her hand back and moments later Dark Samus used a single shot to shatter the Crystal. Her room became smaller and smaller and Dark creatures closed in on her, they jumped at Samus, and she quickly went back into the Portal. Outside the portal Samus got a warning, most of her suit was damaged, or better said taken by these dark creatures. Nothing she could do at the moment but to move on, she found the Task force, all of them dead... A last message showed what has happened to them. After seeing this Samus was shocked but she had to move on, she reached a large temple where she found a Local lifeform, this Lifeform introduced himself as U-Mos, Leader of the Luminoth and Keeper of the stasis Capsules which held the only few survivors of the great war he explained Samus what had happened, Samus learned that about 20 years ago a Meteor similair to the one on Tallon IV struck planet Aether, which turned this allready unstable world into two worlds... A light world and a Dark World, the Dark world was infested with loads of Phazon, and the dark lifeform which where named the Ing by the Luminoth. The energy controllers where also divided in two, and the Ing allready captured 3 out of the 4 energy controllers on light Aether.

    Metroid Prime II: Echoes, 2004 GamecubeA ruthless war frenzy and deadly Lifeform born in the Toxic shadows of the Dark world, this race does not know mercy and if they succeed in controlling the last remaining energy controller from the Great Temple, Aether would whither and die, along with the Luminoth, and the Ing would infest the known universe destroying everything on their path... and that is where Metroid Prime 2: Echoes falls in place. Samus agreed to Help U-Mos and save the Luminoth, as these creatures where known; By restoring the energy controllers in the light world, doing so would destroy the dark world. U-mos explained that the Luminoth, once met other enlighted minds like N'Kren, Ylla and the Chozo, as they are one of the four oldest civilzations in the universe, the history of the Chozo, Luminoth, N'Kren and Ylla is a different story and will be told another time, the Luminoth had also made weapons and armor which could interface with Samus Power Suit which she received from the Chozo about 5 years ago, these weapons and armor upgrades where scattered throughout Aether and Dark Aether during the great war. While her ship Auto repaired, Samus fought the local bioforms, the Space Pirates, the Ing and Dark Samus.

    Only to end up in a clash with a massive creature which was known as the Emperor Ing, ruler of the dark world and responsible for the deaths of the Federation troops, most Luminoth and Space Pirates after the last source of light was taken from Dark Aether, the Dark world became more and more unstable and was colapsing onto itself, Samus had to rush back to the nearest portal and get back in the Light World before she would also be locked in this dying world. Close to the portal, the entrance got blocked off by Phazon, almost looked like living Phazon... But the truth was worse, so little time and exactly at that point Dark Samus drops by, fed on Phazon and so powerfull... Samus Scanners could hardly decipher the readings, but she had to fight, fast really fast with only 8 minutes left she had to use everything she had all she could to destroy Dark Samus once and for all... After being victorious and returning the last energy orb to the Energy Controller on Aether, and say goodbye to U-Mos this world was saved. Moving back to the Federation HQ something in orbit of Aether happened... small particles of Phazon hovered in orbit they where absorbed by a Pirate Container Ship which collected as much Phazon as Possible from Aether, and the vicious creature Dark Samus used this Phazon to resurrect herself... Dark Samus? Wasn't she dead? This lifeform seems to be immortal, but more on that in the next chapter and the final main chapter of the Metroid Prime Trilogy...

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    Chapter V;
    Metroid Prime III: Corruption.

    Six months have passed since the incident on Aether. Samus and 3 others where summoned to the Federation Battleship Olympus, a simple routine mission. Once Samus arrived she was sent to docking bay 4, and she was told to meet Admiral Dane on the bridge, there she met up with 3 other hunters, Rundus, Ghor and Gandrayda. The four best bounty hunters of the Federation, Dane activaded the Aurora Unit 262, and the unit explained that the Battle ship Valhalla had dissapeared. The Aurora unit was administered a vaccin just before that against a Virus the Space Pirates planted in the Aurora Units. The plan was for Ghor to administer the Vaccin to Aurora Unit 217, While Gandrayda was sent to locate the Pirate base of Operations and Rundus was sent to Bryyo, a nearby planet which held vast ammounts of Fuel gel, which was used to power the Federation ships, Rundus was to investigate Pirate Activity and Samus was asked to try and find the Lost Battleship Valhalla. After the orders where given the 3 hunters where asked to start their missions, while Samus was asked to stay for a bit as there was something else Admiral Dane had in mind for Samus. Before Admiral Dane could ask the favor, the Battleship Olympus was attacked by an armada of Space Pirate vessels.

    Samus moved to her ship as fast as she could to join the battle, and on the way she rescued several crew members, Samus knew that this attack wasn't an ordinary attack, Even an Armada of Pirate Vessels would be no match for the high end technology of the Olympus. After a struggle Samus Reached her ship, but she had to defeat a Beserker Pirate to reach it. After she boarded her ship, she received a message, a wormhole opened up and a massive stellar object came out, aimed directly for Norion. Samus and the other hunters where asked to go to Norion first, once they arrived Samus saw that almost the entire defense at Norion was whiped out, she instantly knew the attack on Olympus was a mere distraction. To re-activade the defense system on Norion, Samus and the others where asked to reactivate the energy controllers and deploy the most powerful weapon on Norion to stop this stellar object.

    During this mission, Samus received help from Rundus, Ghor and Gandrayda aswell as Federation Troopers. At the third controller Samus met an old friend, Ridley, he was resurrected and Samus had to fight against Ridley while falling down, if it took to long Samus would be squashed on the Surface of Norion so she had little time to think and had to destroy Ridley, atlast she succeeded once more and Rundus came to the rescue. After they succeeded in reactivating the controllers they where to deploy the weapon at the highest tower of Norion's base. Once the four hunters arrived there another old friend said hello, Dark Samus. Now Samus knew that Dark Samus was behind this ruthless attack. The 3 hunters fired at Dark Samus to give Samus time to deploy the weapon. But before she could reach it Dark Samus fired a powerful charge of Phazon at the four hunters and they all where knocked down. Dark Samus left, and with the last bit of strength Samus was able to deploy the weapon before she lost consciousness... Norion was atleast saved, but something terrible had happened aswell. Samus was in a coma for a month.

    Once she came to, she found herself in the good care of a Scientist, the scientist explained Samus what had happened, Samus learned she was corrupted by Phazon, and she learned the others had a similair case, but they came to sooner and where sent to continue their missions. The scientist explained Samus about the PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) And she learned 2 more stellar objects had struck Planet Bryyo, and Planet Elysia, she moved to the Aurora unit as asked, her new mission was to investigate what had happened to Rundus, Ghor and Gandrayda, contact was lost with all 3 about a week ago, and so Samus started her new mission, her first target was Bryyo, as it was closest. There she learned the painful truth about Rundus and what became of him, but also she learned her own problems with the PED and her Corruption, The battle against Dark Samus has begun aswell as the battle to survive her corruption...

    She encountered Rundus and she learned he was fully corrupted, Samus had no other choice but to eliminate Rundus, afterwards she went on to destroy the Stellar Object which landed on Bryyo, this Object was named a Leviathan. Pirates build heavy defense around the Leviathan, but that was hardly a match for Samus and her ship, she succeeded in destroying the Leviathan, and her next target was Elysia.

    As Samus moved to Elysia she was given new orders first of all she had to administer the Vaccin in Aurora Unit 217 to make it operatable again, while she learned she had to get into the ventilation shaft to reach the controlpanels under Aurora Unit 217 to administer the vaccin, she met another old friend, Ghor, he too was corrupted fully and destroyed the control panels, all she could do was to administer the vaccin, and the Aurora Unit asked Samus to find a way to Repair the broken panels so Aurora could communicate again with the rest of Skytown, during her search, she recieved a message from her Gunship, it was under attack. Samus had to double back and just in time she managed to sent her ship away to protect it from further damage. After that Samus had again no option but to eliminate Ghor, after she eliminated him, she received the Plasma Beam with the extreme temperature of this beam Samus was able to repair the broken panels under the Aurora, afterwards the Aurora asked Samus to retrieve certain materials to make a bomb, which would be used later on to destroy the shield on the Leviathan on Elysia, so she could destroy this Leviathan aswell.

    After the bomb was completed Samus was asked to risk her own life by personally fly the bomb above the shield of the Leviathan, and to terminate the thrusters so it would fall on the Seeds Shield. During this flight Samus was attacked by loads of Space Pirates which tried in every way to stop Samus from dropping the bomb and making the seed vulnerable. This hard battle came with a price, and Samus barely managed to escape with the escape pod. Once she succeeded she was asked to destroy the seed on Elysia, doing so would free Elysia from further corruption, but it also Corrupted Samus even further, the Phazon levels in her rose greatly and she only had little time left before she would end up like Rundus and Ghor. Later on Samus received word from the Federation that they located the Valhalla, she was to investigate it and so she did, but to get to the bottom of this Samus needed Portable Energy Cells to reactivade broken controllers and doors on the Valhalla, as she could not go any further she decided to double back and try to locate the energy cells, when she received another message. The Federation had contact with Gandrayda, Gandrayda located and infiltrated the Pirate Homeworld, and she asked for back up. Samus was sent to support Gandrayda while the Federation planned a massive assault on the Pirate Homeworld.

    After Samus arrived at the Pirate Homeworld she was to investigate this world. There she learned that this world too had been struck by a Leviathan, but to reach the Leviathan Samus needed special gear to whithstand the acid rain on this planet. Soon she received a message from a Trooper who told he got abducted by the Pirates during the battle on the Olympus. He managed to escape and had viable information for Samus and a way to reach the Seed, he gave coordinates and Samus was to meet him there...

    Once Samus arrived at the coordinates, she found the trooper cornered by Pirates, and she decided to help him. After the Pirates where terminated the trooper explained Samus what he discovered, and asked her help to activate the lift to reach the location for the equipment she needed to walk in the acid rain, once they arrived at the top of the elevator Samus stepped off and the Trooper raised his gun, firing at Samus, quick as Samus was she managed to evade the shots, when she turned around she noticed the trooper was not a trooper at all, it was Gandrayda, she too was fully corrupted and once again Samus found herself in an awkward situation, again she had no choice but to eliminate Gandrayda, after this fight, Samus went on and found the upgrade she needed on this world. Her next goal as the Aurora told her was to shut down the defense systems on the Pirate Homeworld. So the federation could start the massive assault on the Pirate world. Soon the Federation infested the place and samus was give the assignment to protect a team of bomb experts which would help Samus reach the Seed on this world. Atleast 4 bomb experts had to survive or the mission would be a failure. The Space Pirates opposed harsh resistance luckily Samus succeeded and the path to the seed was open, once at the core of the seed Samus met an enhanced Ridley, didn't she take care of him on Norion? No matter Ridley was fully armored now with Phazite Plating and only had very few weak spots left, the joints at the wings and the chest, old wounds heal hard. Finally Samus terminated Omega Ridley and she destroyed the last remaing seed.

    Metroid Prime III: Corruption, 2007 WiiSamus collected the remaining energy cells on the 3 worlds and ventured deeper inside the Valhalla there she learned, that the origin of the seeds was a planet incredibly far away, and impossible to reach by conventional ways, it was so far away that the only option was a wormhole, Samus learned deep inside the Valhalla after she fought a Metroid Hatcher, that there was a ship near the Pirate Homeworld which could actually open a wormhole to reach the distant Planet which was known as Phaaze, this ship was called Colossus. Samus stole the ship and placed it under command of Admiral Dane and so they opened a wormhole and moved to Phaaze followed by a large Federation Battle Fleet under command of Admiral Dane and the Battleship Olympus.

    After they went through the portal they where given a welcoming comite by the Space Pirates and a battle on Galactic scale took place between the Federation and the Pirates, one small ship coursed to the surface of Phaaze, Samus Aran set foot on Phaaze the entire planet looked like it existed of pure Blue Phazon, at the moment Samus set foot outside the protective barrier of her vessel, the corruption spread incredibly fast through Samus's body. The PED could no longer help and Samus had to ventilate all the energy in the tanks, which brought her in a state of permant Hyper Mode, the downside was that her space ship no longer reconized Samus as the pilot and rightfull owner of the ship, the longer she stayed on Phaaze the faster the corruption went, to survive Samus had to keep firing her hyper mode weapons and collect Phazon units to prevent full Phazon Corruption. As Samus descended down towards the Core of Phaaze, she met creatures which seemd to live on Pure Blue Phazon, after a long descending path she finally reached a large open space in this Space Samus met her worst threat possible, Dark Samus. A battle between the two took place, Dark Samus was incredibly Powerful. But Samus in her permanent Hyper Mode formed a great threat for Dark Samus, and she succeeded in eliminating Dark Samus at last, with the last remaing bits of strength Dark Samus fused with Aurora Unit 313.

    Samus fought against the fused Dark Samus and Aurora Unit, after a hard fight the Aurora Unit was destroyed, Dark Samus was no more and Phaaze collapsed on itself, during that the Phazon Corruption in Samus's body was fully healed to normal, every trace of the corruption dissapeared, and her ship picked Samus up to take her back to the surface and joining the fleet of Admiral Dane, after all ships returned through the wormholel to their own space, the Colossus was destroyed, and shortly contact was lost with Samus Aran. Admiral Dane feared they lost another great Bounty Hunter and that was to much to bare as they didn't hear anything from Samus, later Dane was told that they received a message, the message contained only two words... "Mission Accomplished!" It was Samus she survived aswell, she left quickly and went to Elysia, once there she thought things over, everything which had happened so far, she was angry, losing close friends once again due to the Dreadfull Space Pirates, Rundus, Ghor, Gandrayda, all these images rampaged through her head, she swore vengeance to every single Space Pirate, no more... No more deaths no more losses no more war she knew she was the one who could stop this madness and she went on to hunt the remaining Space Pirates, to avenge all they did to her, her friends, the Federation and the entire universe. She walked to her ship deactivaded the power suit and boarded to search for new bounties along the way she would exterminate every Pirate she came across. What she didn't know was that someone was watching her...

    A strange being watched her, and followed her, fully armored with green and white, a ship in the same colors as the suit it worn. It followed Samus but Samus did not notice, some sort of cloaking device prevented Samus's ship to notice they where being followed. Not much later a strange message appeared on Samus's ship Computers. This message travelled from very far away and Samus Notified the Federation about the message. She told she was going after it, and trying to find out from where it came and who had sent this message.

    This message was sent to thousands of worlds in every corner of the universe, and it was translated in thousands of languages... Yet, in every Language the message said the same: "The ultimate power rests deep within the Alimbic Cluster" come and find it, it is calling to you, only the best of the best Bounty Hunters are able to collect the fragments to unlock the gate to the Ultimate Power deep within the Alimbic Cluster. Samus set a course to the Alimbic Cluster and she was still being followed by this strange being, it followed her all the way from Elysia to the Alimbic Cluster. Later on in the Alimbic Cluster Samus learned the true meaning of her Stalker, she didn't notice it still, but all that was to be changed soon enough. Not only this being but 5 others found their way to the Alimbic Cluster, later Samus learned her stalker was Sylux... Here is where Metroid Prime: Hunters falls in place.

    Meanwhile the Galactic Federation send a research team known as team Alpha to Planet SR-388, to find out more on the Metroids who once lived on SR-388, after that this research vessel arrived at SR-388 and made contact with the Federation, to give them their landing details. What they didn't know was that this contact was their last.

    Contact was lost shortly after. The Galactic Federation decided to sent a rescue ship known as Team Beta, to search for the lost crew of the research ship sent to SR-388 earlier. The Federation received contact from the rescue ship when they arrived on SR-388 and retrieved landing details and information, but yet again contact was lost shortly after they contacted the Federation.. The Federation feared the worst and decided to sent in the S.F.A.R.T. (Special Forces And Rescue Team). They hurried to SR-388 to find out what happened with team Alpha and team Beta..

    What they came to know was terrifying. But when they gave word of their discovery to the Federation their contact was lost as well, they never heard from these teams again. Rumors spread fast and once again the Galaxy was seized with the fear of Metroids. Even one surviving Metroid could easily wipe out an entire planetary civilization. With this limited information the galactic Federation called it's members to an urgent conference. They spoke about the possible threat of a surviving Metroid on planet SR-388. They quickly came to a conclusion which was unanimous and simple. Give Samus Aran the order to travel to SR-388 and give her the orders to exterminate every single Metroid she might encounter there... But Samus was still in the Alimbic Cluster, after her return she was sent to SR388, but that is another story, and will be told another time...

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    Chapter VI;
    Metroid Prime: Hunters.

    Metroid Prime: Hunters, 2006 Nintendo DS











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    Chapter VII;
    Metroid II: Return of Samus.

    This is were Metroid II falls in place. After the conference led by the members of the Galactic federation, Samus Aran was contacted yet again and she was given the order to exterminate all Metroids or any other creature which forms a threat to her or the civilizations. Samus Rushed to planet SR-388, and she descended into the caverns of SR-388, there was no need to search long before Samus found the Truth... Indeed a Metroid survived in the caverns on SR-388, but this Metroid was different, different then the Metroids she encountered on Planet Zebes, on Tallon IV, on Aether and even on Elysia and the Pirate Homeworld not to long ago... It looked like a Normal Metroid but Samus's sensors noticed a difference in the DNA structure of this Metroid... When Samus Approached this Metroid, the Metroid threw of it's skin and evolved into a different form of a Metroid, she named this Metroid "Alpha Metroid: First Evolution" After she terminated this Metroid a quake could be felt and Samus moved on at one point she reached a crossroad, one descending deeper and one leading further to the east. The descending path was filled with a poisonus liqued, her scans indicated it was not save to travel through here. In the eastern passage Samus found another Alpha Metroid and after she destroyed it another quake could be felt, she returned to the crossroads and she noticed the level of the liquid had lowered...

    Samus descended deeper into the caverns of SR-388 until she reached a dome, build by an ancient civilization, the civilization which was eliminated by the Metroids perhaps.. But here she encountered even more Alpha Metroids, after she exterminated these Metroids Samus Moved on Deeper and Deeper into the dark caverns of SR-388. Then again Samus reached another dome build by the same civilization, this dome looked like an ancient City. Carefully she investigated the area and then again she encountered another Alpha Metroid. Again Samus's sensors notified her of yet another DNA structure which differed from the Alpha Metroids and Metroids she encountered before. When Samus approached this Alpha Metroid this one too shed it's skin, evolving in a much bigger Metroid, heavily plated with a sort of an exo-skelton and a tentacle to strike from a distance. She named this creature "Gamma Metroid: Second evolution". She exterminated all of the Metroids on her path, and went deeper and deeper into the planet, on her way she destroyed many more Metroids..

    Yet again Samus entered another lost city, she decided to approach these ruins with caution, as she knew more Metroids would lurk deep in the ruins, and these Metroids weren't just Metroids anymore but highly aggressive and deadly evolved forms,from the ones she fought on Zebes, Tallon IV and Aether. And yes, another Metroid was in front of her, she approached the Metroid with caution but the sensors didn't notice any differences from the other Gamma Metroids she encountered before... She took care of this Gamma Metroid and moved on deeper and deeper in the ruins. More Metroids where destroyed until she approached another Gamma Metroid.. Her sensors went haywire on this Gamma Metroid, it gave a cold chill on Samus's spine.. She approached this Metroid with extreme caution, and when she stood in front of the Metroid at a distance of approximately ten yards, this Metroid Again evolved into an even more powerful form.. She called this creature; "Zeta Metroid: third evolution" it was no longer a parasitic hovering life form, but a creature walking on two legs, much like humans do, deadly and highly intelligent. After a tough battle she finally destroyed the Metroids in this forsaken city.. But she knew she had to go deeper in the planet to find the source of the sudden evolutions of the Metroids on SR-388...

    Metroid II: Return of Samus, 1991 GameboyStrange enough Samus noticed when she went deeper into the caverns of SR-388 she wasn't descending anymore, but in fact she was climbing... Until she reached a mysterious cave which contained two Metroid skins... She proceeded with caution and noticed an Alpha Metroid deep in the cave, she proceeded with caution cause she expected the worst, she took her time to scan this Metroid and strangely enough every aspect lead to an ordinary Alpha Metroid, she didn't encounter them anymore since the second forsaken underground city, somehow this again gave a cold shiver on Samus's spine. She exterminated this Metroid and again a Quake made the caverns tremble, continuing deeper into the tunnel she noticed she reached a location she has been before... At first she thought this was impossible but then she knew... She walked in a circle, she descended the passage but there was no way she could continue her path, the passage was blocked by the same strange acid she saw before... Then it came to her mind that there where two Metroid skins in the cavern she visited earlier but she exterminated only one Metroid... She had no other choice then to enter the cave again, she came trough earlier were she encountered the Alpha Metroid... Samus proceeded with even greater caution then before, fearing the worst thing possible. Looking and scanning she walked deeper into the cave then she saw what she feared another Metroid... A Zeta Metroid, these Metroids caused her a lot of trouble earlier...

    Carefully Samus approached to make a quick scan of the Zeta Metroid, Her Scanners gave impossible readings... far beyond her readings she had thusfar... But while she scanned this Zeta Metroid, the creature evolved in an even more horrific and terrifying Metroid then the Zeta Metroids... This Metroid's size was gigantic, heavily plated and claws which can rip through steel and rock, this creature had inmense strength Samus fitted about two and a half times in this extraordinary large Metroid. She named this creature "Omega Metroid: The final evolution" After an extremely hard fight Samus was able to exterminate this Metroid and continued her path only to encounter three more Omega Metroids. She exterminated these Metroids and proceeded further, her sensors sensed a huge power, which looked like another life form, she didn't had such huge ratings yet, or at least not on such long distance... Samus proceeded and kept going further up, then all of a sudden new ratings of bio signs appeared, eight new bio signs to be precise. She moved forward with caution and encountered Metroids, the same Metroids as she encountered on Zebes.. But the DNA slightly differed from the Metroids she encountered before on Zebes, Tallon IV, Aether, Elysia and the Pirate Homeworld... Nevertheless she could exterminate these Metroids in the same way as she could exterminate the Metroids on Zebes... She froze them with the Ice beam and then fired five missiles to exterminate these Metroids...

    The ratings on her sensors went beyond the maximum measure they could rate; Warning Scan Visor Error!, Warning Scan Visor Error!, so Samus switched to her combat visor, scan visor was useless at this point... Samus Carefully continued her path, then she reached a sector closer to the surface then to the core. Terrifying screeches could be heard in the distance, the sound was so terrifying that again Samus felt cold shivers on her spine.. But even though she was scared in a way, she kept going and jumped into a shaft, there she encountered the worst possible thing she ever saw...She thought she had it all when she encountered the Omega Metroids, The Ing and the Emperor Ing but she was wrong... A gigantic Metroid with jaws the size of a small space ship, 6 huge leggs, and 8 big dark eyes watching directly at her, she could see her own reflection in the blackened eyes. Samus was frozen by fear for a second, the creature quickly stretched it's neck and threw his huge beak towards Samus. Just in time Samus could evade the Jaws of this vicious creature. The jaws nearly crushed the whole wall. Whatever this being was, Samus Knew it needed to be destroyed ASAP She loaded her missile launcher and set it to full power. She fired a missile, which hit he creature with a huge explosion... The impact of the missile would have destroyed a huge boulder, but the Creature didn't even budge. Samus Screamed: "WHAT ARE YOU?" The Creature answered with another attack of it's jaws and hit Samus, Samus was smacked against the walls, confused by the massive hit, but she quickly stood up. And she aimed her missile launcher for the creatures mouth, waited, until the creature attacked again... She didn't need to wait long for this... The creature again attacked Samus quick with it's huge jaws, then Samus fired her missiles at full power into the creatures throat. The Creature screeched it out in pain. Samus screamed: "SO YOU HAVE A WEAK SPOT AFTERALL!", Samus fired Missile after missile in the creatures throat, making it more and more aggresive. In return the creature attacked more frequently and it became more and more angry... Eventually the creature went down after many many hits. Was it dead? Samus wondered. She waited and then the creature turned into a puddle of goo. Carefully Samus proceeded, she knew if a creature acts like that, this creature must be protecting something. Samus Proceeded and there she saw it... An egg, now Samus knew what this Creature was, this creature was feminine and wanted to protect her child... Much like any creature would do in a similair situation... Then she Called this creature the "Metroid Queen, The royal Protector."

    When Samus approached the egg, it hatched in front of her, Samus wasn't able to destroy it. Then the creature circled around Samus like a confused child. Samus decided to take the creature with her, as she could not destroy an infant, she was young and Naïve. Samus moved towards her ship and set course for the Galactic Federation Space Laboratory at Ceres, She arrived there and delivered the Metroid to the scientists, Right after the scientists started studying this Metroid larva, with the hope to discover more details on the Metroids, and how they came on SR-388, maybe a native life form? Or a creature made by man? The answer to this question was bound to be answered sooner then that the scientists expected... This creature was created by an ancient race, likely to actually harness the good of Civilization and not to destroy it, so the answers brought more new questions then answers, why were they created? For what purpose? What was the original idea behind the Metroids? What was the idea behind them? ...Even that question will be answered in due time.

    After Samus left Ceres ans she went just beyond the asteroid belt she retrieved an emergency message... CERES STATION IS UNDER ATTACK! Samus returned to Ceres Station on the double, but she was to late, all scientists where dead, bodies scattered all over the place, and the Container which held the Metroid Larva was destroyed. She searched some more when she found the Larva, but it was silent, to silent. When Samus tried to grab the container with the larva out of the shadows bright yellow eyes appeared, it was Ridley, resurrected once again, Samus fought Ridley but Ridley managed to escape, shortly after a message sounded through the speakers;

    Self Destruct Sequence has been initiated, evacuate colony inmediately. 1 minute to detonation, evacuate Inmediately!

    As fast as Samus could she left for her ship. After boarding her own ship, she followed the pirate ship to Planet Zebes, which was rebuild and retrieved new high end security levels. This is where Super Metroid takes place, also known as Metroid III; the Last Metroid.

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    Chapter VIII;
    Metroid III: The last Metroid.

    Super Metroid III: The Last Metroid, 1994 SNES







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    Chapter IX;
    Metroid: Other M.

    Metroid: Other M, 2010 Wii





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    Chapter X;
    Metroid IV: Fusion.

    Metroid IV: Fusion, 2002 GBA






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    Part three coming soon.