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    Here is a list of all the Red Phaazoids in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Red Phaazoids are a rare spawn of the standard Phaazoid, and Phaazoids in general will only appear on the world where the Leviathan has been destroyed. Each Red Phaazoid you destroy will reward you with a Golden Credit.

    Using this guide you will find every single Red Phaazoid in the game. I will not describe exactly were they are, that I leave up to you I do not wish to spoil the fun of searching. All I do is give the number which area and which room you have to look the rest is up to you.




    Chamber Name

    1. Bryyo, Thorn Jungle. Jousting Field.
    2. Bryyo, Cliffside. Grand Court.
    3. Bryyo, Fire. Gel Processing Site.
    4. Elysia, Skytown. Hoverplat Docking Site.
    5. Elysia, Skytown. Construction Bay.
    6. Elysia, Eastern Skytown. Concourse Ventilation.
    7. Pirate Homeworld, Pirate Command. Transit Station 0204.
    8. Pirate Homeworld, Pirate Research. Proving Grounds.
    9. Pirate Homeworld, Pirate Mines. Phazon Quarry.