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    Metroid Prime Story: The Chozo.
    By: Samus Aran.
    Star date: 03/30/20XX.
    Log Book entry: 1911.13.2987.

    The Chozo.. In thousand years of time, this birdlike race has booked enormous technological and scientific progress. They traveled freely through the space and left behind many wonderful buildings; technological high-minded constructions and cities of a unexcelled beauty. They shared their knowledge without needing something in return from more primitive cultures, and learned to respect life in all of it's glories.

    Although their civilization reached a technological height, the Chozo felt their spirituality draining away. Their culture leant strongly on predictions and traditions, and at the same time with the rise of the evil they foresaw the apocalypse for the Chozo.

    Alarmed through the increasing violence in the universe they pulled themselves back by which technologies subordinated and simplicity took over instead. Tallon IV was one of the refuges. The Chozo built a colony there, by which they used as little technology as possible, instead they used natural resources, in harmony with the nature and her inhabitants.

    Several calm years gone by until a large meteor struck Tallon IV. Through the impact a large cloud of effervescent material spread out in the atmosphere, through which the world became infected with the destroying element that was named Phazon. This element immediately sank deeply in earth and water which poisoned all the life. Most of the plants and animals died while others mutated in horrible creatures.

    The Chozo used all of their knowledge and technology to fight the toxic Phazon, but their attempts were in vain. All that remained to be done was to built a temple over the crater of the impact so the Phazon-core became separated and sealed. The Chozo believed that on a day someone would come to save the planet, and refuged to an unknown destination. Their buildings on Tallon IV are the only quiet witnesses of the Chozo-civilization which once bloomed on the surface of Tallon IV.

    Metroid Prime Story: The Space Pirates.
    By: Samus Aran.
    Star date: 06/26/20XX.
    Log Book entry: 1912.14.2989.

    The Space Pirates were intergalactic nomads, technologic highly advanced, as well in space traveling as in weapon knowledge. When the Galactic Federation discovered a Metroid-population on SR388, the space pirates recognized an enormous potential for energy sources and military goals in the Metroids. They assaulted the nearby situated planet Zebes without warning, by which they destroyed everything and everyone on their way below, including the most of the native Chozo. Then they built an extensive network of investigation facilities under the surface of the planet.

    In the depths of Zebes the Space Pirates did examine the Metroids for a lot of years. In that same period a girl grew up. She lost her parents during the attack of the Space Pirates on her home planet K2L. She fulfilled a military training and got Chozo-blood administered trough an infusion. When she fulfilled her training, Samus Aran was wrapped in a Power-Suit that was made by the Chozo. This helped her out in her battle against the Space Pirates, with it she even succeeded in defeating the gigantic leaders of the pirates army. Ridley and Kraid. At last she reached the core of their fortress, where she destroyed all the Metroids that she met, and settled with the Mother Brain.

    The Space Pirates were not defeated completely. The survivors became divided into two groups. One group stayed on Zebes to rebuild the destroyed facilities and resurrect Mother Brain, Kraid and Ridley. The other group went on a search for another planet which contained powerful energy sources. It wasn't necessary to search long before they discovered Tallon IV. Here large quantities of energy were generated by the Phazon that still lays hidden under the temple of the Chozo. Attracted through the enormous potential of this remarkable matter the Space Pirates established themselves on Tallon IV. Their laboratory, transport systems and life-support-systems got already a vast place in the ruins that the Chozo had left behind.

    To collect the Phazon from mines and experiment with it , the Space Pirates found out that the mutation capacity of the Phazon was larger than that they ever had fore seen, and shortly after they began the tests on native life forms. It became a large-scale operation: their machines were driven with thermal engines that had been sunken deeply in the inner depths of Tallon IV. They kept digging deeper mine shafts and brought more and more Phazon to the surface. They shipped the Phazon to the two most qualified laboratories in Phendrana Drifts, were the very low temperatures made it safer to keep the matter. Fast progresses where made in the investigation: through the power of Phazon they created unprecedented horror beings.

    The Space Pirates transported many of the creatures to their spacecraft, that circled low around the orbit of Tallon IV, to continue their Zero G-Phazon experiments. They didn't knew that Samus Aran finally located their ship. While they continued their unnatural experiments, Samus flew to Tallon IV to exterminate the Space Pirates once and for all...