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    Bonus Credits.

    Bonus Credits have been added on the Wii version of Metroid Prime. Bonus Credits can be obtained rather easily, nothing special needed for it Bosses and Mini Bosses will reward Orange Credits after they have been defeated. Silver Credits you will obtain by meeting certain conditions throughtout the game as well from collecting Chozo Artifacts, collecting Chozo artifacts will give you atleast 12 silver credits. One for each Chozo Artifact which you collect. Soundtrack files become availabe the momment you have heard them once and your game is saved afterwards.

    If you pick up every scan and you beat every boss no matter which difficulty you will be able to obtain all soundtrack files and galleries for Metroid Prime. And you will have enough Credits left which you will need for the Screenshot Tool (Requires completion of all 3 games and some Friend Vouchers). I read something about Metroid Prime also giving Friend Vouchers aswell as Metroid Prime 2 Echoes.

    I can not verify this but if they do it's most likely on the Hyper Mode Difficulty. When I find out I will update this section.

    Hyper Mode:
    Complete Metroid Prime to unlock Hyper Mode (Newly Added).

    Veteran Mode (available from the start): Features tougher and more enemies, also tougher bosses (Old hard Mode from the Gamecube Version).

    Hyper Mode: Features a lot tougher enemies and bosses,and a lot more enemies. Not for the feign of heart.

    Fusion Suit: Enable the Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime once you have the credits for it amd the game has been cleared once.

    Image Gallery (Metroid Prime - Gamecube).
    There are a total of four image galleries here's how to unlock them.

    Image Gallery 1: Collect 50% of your Log Book Scans.

    Image gallery 2: Collect 100% of your Log Book Scans.

    Image Gallery 3: Collect 100% of the Pick Ups.

    Image Gallery 4: Complete the game on Hard Mode.

    Image Gallery (Metroid Prime - Trilogy).
    There are a total of four image galleries here's how to unlock them.

    World Gallery: Requires 2 orange credits.

    Biology Gallery: Requires 2 orange credits.

    Samus Gallery: Requires 2 orangee credits.

    Extra Gallery: Requires 2 orange credits.

    Screenshot Tool: Requiers 3 Red Credits, 1 Blue Credit, 3 Gold Credits 2 Green Credits, 1 Orange Credit and 2 Purple Credits (Trilogy Only!).

    Metroid Prime Connection Bonusses (Metroid Prime Only!).

    Metroid Prime Fusion Suit: Play Metroid Prime with the Metroid Fusion Suit. Defeat Metroid Prime and connect your GBA to the Game Cube now go to options and check "Fusion Suit Enabled"

    Metroid NES Classic: Play the original NES hit from 1986, Metroid I. Finish Metroid Fusion and connect it to your game Cube.

    Metroid Prime Soundtrack (Metroid Prime Trilogy Only!).
    Unlock the soundtrack as follows (Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii).

    1. Metroid Prime Theme: Available from the Beginning.

    2. Parasite Queen: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    3. Tallon Overworld: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    4. Chozo Shrine: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    5. Chozo Ruins: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    6. Flaahgra: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    7. Magmoor Caverns: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    8. Phendrana Drifts: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    9. Phendrana Battle: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    10. Crashed Ship: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    11. Phazon Mines: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    12. Space Pirates: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    13. Omega Pirate: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    14. Meta Ridley: Requires 1 silver Credit.

    15. Metroid Prime Battle: Requires 2 silver Credits.

    16. Metroid Prime Credits: Requires 2 silver Credits.