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    STAR DATE: 5/6/20XX.
    LOG BOOK ENTRY: 2183.16.6913.

    The Metroid Prime Trilogy comes to an explosive end!

    Six months have passed since the events on planet Aether. Aurora Unit 242, the super computer of the Galactic Federation, is infected with a mysterious virus. The Federation suspects sabotage by the Space Pirates and recruits Samus and other powerful Bounty Hunters from all corners of the galaxy.

    Just a few minutes after their briefing, the Space Pirates board the Federation Flag ship. The Bounty Hunters respond inmidiately, until they are stopped by the reborn Dark Samus. This enemy is stronger then ever before, and easily blows away samus and the other Bounty Hunters with an incredible amount of Phazon.

    The Bounty Hunters are brought back to health by the doctors of the Galactic Federation, but it turns out that they are allready infected with the Phazon-virus. They are geared up with Phazon Enhancement Devices (PED's) which multiply their own powers using the Phazon and a system called 'Hyper Mode'. Samus is briefed about the plans which Dark Samus has, spreading the Phazon-virus throughout the entire universe using monstrous Phazon-seeds which are called 'Leviathans'. Samus pursues Dark Samus but soon she also learns the terrifying effects of her own contamination.

    Against this background of epic battles and a personal struggle, the final chapter of Metroid Prime begins...