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Where Metroid Prime is more then "just" a game.


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    Acid Rain.
    Black Phazon Crystals.
    Blast Shield.
    Bomb Slot.
    Bryyo Blue Door.
    Bryyo Orange Door.
    Energy Cell.
    Fuel Gel.
    Galactic Federation Blue Door.
    Galactic Federation Crate.
    Galactic Federation Green Door.
    Galactic Federation Orange Door.

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    Grab Ledge.
    Grapple Swing Point.
    Heavy Galactic Federation Crate.
    Heavy Phazon Canister.
    Heavy SkyTown Storage Unit.
    Hunter-Class Gunship.
    Kashh Plant.
    Kintecic Orb Cannon.
    Landing Beacon.
    Large Bryyo Coffer.
    Large Space Pirate Crate.

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    Leviathan Door.
    Mature Kashh Plant.
    Mounted Blast Shield.
    Multi-Lock Blast Shield.
    Phaaze Door.
    Phazon Fungus.
    Planet Aether.
    Planet Tallon IV.
    Red Blast Shield.
    Save Station.
    Ship Grapple Point.
    SkyTown Blue Door.

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    SkyTown Orange Door.
    SkyTown Storage Unit.
    Small Bryyo Coffer.
    Space Pirate Blue Door.
    Space Pirate Crate.
    Space Pirate Green Door.
    Space Pirate Orange Door.
    Spider Ball Track
    Wall Jump Surface.
    White Blast Shield.
    Zipline Cable.

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