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    Morphball Jump: Tilt the Wii mote up to make a morph ball jump, can only be done once you have obtained the morph ball bombs. This can also be used for a double and even tripple bomb jump. Simply jump in morphball and do the double bomb jump, only now place the first bomb in mid air.
    Double Bomb Jump: Use bombs to blast your way up. Turn into a ball and place 2 bombs quickly after the first explodes it will blast you up place another bomb in the air. When you fall down the second and the third will blast you back up.
    Tripple Bomb Jump: Use the bombs to get higher up. Turn into a morphball, place a bomb, just before it explodes place the second bomb, the first will blow you up, at the top place the third bomb, and the second will blow you into the third, place the first bomb again ontop of the third bomb, and the third bomb will blast you up, place the new second bomb on the highest spot from the third blast, and the new first bomb will blow you back up into the new second one, to reach even higher grounds. Sounds Complicated? Not really it's all about timing.
    Side step: When you are locked onto an enemy quickly press jump + direction this way Samus will do a evasive side step.
    Giant Side step: You'll need the Space Jump boots for this move. When you are locked onto an enemy quickly press jump + direction this way Samus will do a huge evasive side step. And will end up behind the enemy.
    Wall Jump (Screw Attack Required): Do a space jump near a walljump surface, then do a thrid jump (Screw Attack) to perform the Wall Jump. Now keep jumping to get Samus upwards if you don't jump Samus will fall down shortly sliding then falling, and we don't want to hurt our Charming lady now would we?
    Wall hug (Spider Ball required): When you're on a Magnetic Track, use the Z-button to stick on the track. When there is another Magnetic track below. Release the Z-button and take a short free fall. Then quickly press the Z-button again to stick on another Magnetic track below. You can also use the Bombs to do this upwards.
    Screw Attack (Screw Attack required): Make a jump followed by a second jump (Space Jump) After the second jump make a thrid jump to activade the Screw Attack, you can make several concusive jumps after eachother now to cross large gaps, yet there is a limit to the concusive jumps, you can only make a maximum of 5 concusive jumps after eachother (excluding the two jumps from te space jump).
    Boost Jump (Spider Ball and Boost Ball required): When you're on a Magnetic Track, use the Z button to stick on the track. Meanwhile press and hold B to charge the Boost Ball. Release the Z-button To make a huge "Boost Leap". Don't forget to press Z-button again otherwise it's won't turn out very well for our Charming Lady.