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    Items and upgrades you will find throughout the Galaxy, these Items and upgrades will help Samus to Destroy the Leviathans.


    Varia Suit. (Standard equipment)
    Space Jump Boots. (Standard equipment)
    PED Suit.
    Hazzard Shield.

    Suit Expansions:


    Energy Cell.
    Energy Tank.
    Missile Expansion.

    Morph Balls Systems:

    Boost Ball.
    Morph Ball (Standard Equipment).
    Morph Ball Bomb (Standard Equipment).
    Spider Ball.

    Grapple Systems:

    Grapple Lasso.
    Grapple Swing.
    Grapple Voltage.


    Combat Visor (Standard Equipment).
    Command Visor (Standard Equipment).
    Scan Visor (Standard Equipment).
    X-Ray Visor.

    Weapon Systems:

    Power Beam (Standard Equipment).
    Charge Beam (Standard Equipment).
    Missile Launcher.
    Ice Missile.
    Plasma Beam.
    Screw Attack.
    Seeker Missile.
    Nova Beam.

    Hyper Mode:

    Hyper Beam.
    Hyper Ball.
    Hyper Missile.
    Hyper Grapple.

    Ship Expansions:

    Ship Save Station (Standard Equipment).
    Ship Ammo and Energy Restore System (Standard Equipment).
    Ship Missile System.
    Ship Missile Expansion.
    Ship Grapple System.