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    Friend Vouchers.

    The so called Friend Vouchers can be obtained by completing certain events in the game, discover certain area's killing enemies on specific ways and for rescuing certain GF Troopers. I have uncovered some of these Friend Vouchers and made a list on how to obtain them, there might be even more but I have not found out yet. You can only Obtain Friend Credits from people in your Friend Roster or by sending your Friend Vouchers to yourself from another Wii Sytem (SD Card required).

    100 Kills: Kill 100 Enemies for the 100 Kills Friend Voucher.

    200 Kills: Kill 200 Enemies for the 200 Kills Friend Voucher.

    300 Kills: Kill 300 Enemies for the 300 Kills Friend Voucher.

    400 Kils: Kill 400 Enemies for the 400 Kills Friend Voucher.

    500 Kills: Kill 500 Enemies for the 500 Kills Friend Voucher.

    600 Kills: Kill 600 Enemies for the 600 Kills Friend Voucher.

    700 Kills: Kill 700 Enemies for the 700 Kills Friend Voucher.

    800 Kills: Kill 800 Enemies for the 800 Kills Friend Voucher.

    900 Kills: Kill 900 Enemies for the 900 Kills Friend Voucher.

    1000 Kills: Kill 1000 Enemies for the 1000 Kills Friend Voucher.

    Discover Bryyo Ice: Enter Bryyo Ice to obtain New Area Discovered Friend Voucher.

    Stylish Kill Elysia, Skytown. Sky Bridge Hera. Ignore the Steamlord and just pull open the opposite site of the Skybridge for a funny show and a Stylish Kill Friend Voucher.

    Discover Eastern Skytown: New Area Discovered Friend Voucher, Use the skytram to reach Eastern Skytown.

    Defeat 20 Space Pirate Commandos: Defeat 20 Space Pirate Commandos for the 20 Commandos Friend Voucher.

    Discover Bryyo Fire Shortcut: Use the Shortcut from the Temple access to reach the landing zone access (Ice Missiles required) to obtain the Shortcut Friend Voucher.

    Secret Message Discovered: Clear the entire Valhalla till the cockpit, there scan the trooper on the right and his PDA to obtain the code insert te code in the console for Secret Message Friend Voucher.

    Harvester Destroyed: Use the Command Visor to Command your ship to bomb the Harvester in the Pirate Mines, Phazon Harvesting room to obtain Harvester Destroyed Friend Voucher.

    GF Trooper Saved: Save all three Troopers in the G.F.S. Olympus shortly after the Pirate Attack, the last Trooper gives you the Trooper saved Friend Voucher, (Lab Access) Shoot the red light above the blast doors to close them, but be fast you only have one chance and about 3 seconds to act.

    Icy Reptilicide: Once you have obatined the Ice Missiles from Rundas, farm some Retilicus for Icy Reptilicide Friend Voucher, the trick is to make sure your missile freezes the Reptilicus Solid just after he has thrown his Boomerang, when it get's back the Boomerang will kill the Reptilicus for you, personally I found it easiest much later in game after you have obtained the Nova Beam, simply fire two"normal" shots at any Reptilicus, now wait until it throws it's boomerang at you and then fire away your Ice Missile. The combination of two normal Nova Shots and a Ice Missile should freeze the Reptilicus.

    Bowling for Bots: Use the Boost Ball ability in Skytown on any set of Tin Bots to obtain Bowling for Bots Friend Voucher.

    Crash Landing: This one is probably one of the coolest Friend Vouchers to get but also one of the trickiest. It can only be done by Armored Aerotroopers and up the trick is to deal enough fully charged shots on these guys that their armor get's destroyed, after that they'll be stunned for 2 seconds, grab a hold of them using the grapple beam and rip them appart, there you go, Crash Landing Friend Voucher.

    The sound Effects and the Emotes from Samus are awesome on these two.


    Bowling for Bots


    Stylish Kill


    Crash Landing


    Harvester Destroyed


    Icy Reptilicide