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Where Metroid Prime is more then "just" a game.


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    This webpage uses a specific font for certain headers, if you wish to see the page in all of it's glory right click Here and save as to download the font. Then use winzip or winrar to unzip the file and move it to your fonts folder on your computer. Not Needed but it does give something extra to the site.


    Alternate Title Theme.

    One of the few exclusives you'll find only here on MPT. Metroid Prime Alternate Title theme. This theme was never released in the actual game, but was a mere temporarily theme used on the Metroid Prime Beta version. You won't find it anywhere else, and even if you do, they found it here (formerly known as MPT gives away the Exclusive "Alternate Metroid Prime Title Theme"  I got my hands on it thanks to Mighty Poo 007, how he found it, I don't know, but I do know MPT gives it away for free, don't waste this opportunity. If you use this theme on your own site for download or for give away, I would greatly appreciate it if you linked to my site, thx in advanced. If you wonder why this is under Metroid Prime 2 instead of Metroid Prime, I obtained this shortly after the release of Metroid Prime 2.



    Metroid Prime Alternate Title Theme. Click play to listen to the sample .

    Download MP Alternate Title Theme Here.