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    STAR DATE: 5/12/20XX.
    LOG BOOK ENTRY: 2056.78.9276.


    Long ago a Race existed, called the Luminoth. After many generations roaming
    through space as a group of Nomads, these beings established on a planet called
    Aether. There they build a peacefull existance. They became familiar with the
    land and it's inhabitants, they staked theirselves to a force they called the "Light
    of Aether" To endure the life span of the planet, they build energy controlers
    which where surrounded by holy temples.

    They build three temples, one in each
    of their settlements, and they connected each temple to their holiest place of
    them all, the Great Temple. A golden aeon of peace and prosperity reigned on
    the land of Aether. They where satisfied. The peace sadly wouldn't last for ever.
    On the dark skies a Meteor appeared, moving towards the planet rapidly. There
    was nothing the Luminoth could do to prevent this disaster, instead all they could
    do was wait until the impact. The impact shook the planet drastically, disrupted
    the oceans and wrapped the planet in a dark cloud on everything the Luminoth
    created... But that wasn't all, the impact disrupted the planet completely and
    opened a dimensional flux in Aether, a second Aether was born out of darkness.
    It didn't take long before more dimensional fluxes appeared all over Aether,
    breeding an evil race of darkness and hatred. The Luminoth called this race the
    Ing, they build portals to reach the second world, they called Dark Aether.

    This twin planet, which inhabited the Ing, was a toxic reflection of their own
    world, and the Luminoth fled for the destructive toxin of dark Aether. Time flew
    by, while the ing continued their battle for Light Aether against the Luminoth,
    the Luminoth where forced to go back and fight this war, for it was theirs to
    fight... They created beacons of light, they called Light Crystals to protect them
    as a sanctuary against the dark destructive atmosphere of Dark Aether, and
    fought the Ing with everything they could muster. Until the war ended, the Ing
    could not overcome the Light of Aether. But peace couldn't last forever, the
    light of Aether was scattered in both worlds, and both sides wanted total control
    over the Light of Aether. The Luminoth created a energy module to absorb the
    light of Dark Aether. But the Ing stole this module to use it against the
    L uminoth. The temples fell one by one until only the great temple remained. With
    enough power to furfill the needs of one planet, this was the only link which
    kept Light Aether out of the hands of the Ing, and the final elimination of the

    Then a new side came within this war of the Luminoth and the Ing, a Galactic
    Federationship pursued a Space Pirate vessel, to the surface of Aether... there
    they where attacked and defeated by the Ing... When the contact was lost, the
    Federation feared the worst, Still they didn't want to accept the fact and sended a
    urgent message to Bounty Hunter Samus Aran...

    Mission briefing from the Galactic Federation HQ. Trace Galactic Federation
    transport vessel and rescue any survivor. Last known location, Planet Aether, in
    the Dasha region...
    Priority 1...