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    Here is a list of all the Artifacts in Metroid Prime. Here you can see the entire list on how I picked them up.

    Using this guide and some backtracking you will find all lost artifacts. I will not describe exactly how to collect them, that I leave up to you I do not wish to spoil the fun of exploring. All I do is give the number which area and which room you have to look the rest is up to you.

    Chozo Artifacts
    Artifact of Strength. Warrior Shrine, Magmoor Caverns.
    Artifact of Wild. Sunchamber, Chozo Ruins.
    Artifact of Chozo. Life Groove, Tallon Overworld.
    Artifact of Nature. Lava Lake, Magmoor Caverns.
    Artifact of Life Giver. Meditation Chamber, Chozo Ruins.
    Artifact of World. Hall of Elders, Chozo Ruins.
    Artifact of Warrior. Elite Research, Phazon Mines, defeat the Elite pirate to obtain this artifact.
    Artifact of Newborn. Phazon Mining Tunnel, Phazon Mines.
    Artifact of Spirit. Phendranas Edge, Phendrana Drifts.
    Artifact of Elder. Control Tower, Phendrana Drifts.
    Artifact of Sun. Chozo Ice Temple, Phendrana Drifts.
    Artifact of Truth. Artifact Site, Tallon Overworld.