Stichting ter bevordering van de studie van de Surinaamse economie
(Foundation on stimulation of studies about the Surinam economy)
founded 16-12-1977, Foundation register no 41149657
Fiscal nr 009960387, banknr NL60RABO0327014105
C.Jolstraat 50 ~ 2584 ET Den Haag ~Tel +31 (0)70 3523832 ~ Fax 3549589
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Who is the STUSECO?

The 'Stuseco', has been realizing its goal, stimulating studies on the Surinam economy, already from 1977. The Stuseco made it financially possible to execute research and to publish some 70 books, reports, articles and notes (see literature list at the bottom of
Moreover, the Stuceso granted some subsidies like financing the Mini Budget research, the sponsoring of Surinam economists visiting the Netherlands for study reasons. These Surinam students work at the Central Bank (1996) and at the Foundation of Surinam Planning Agency (SPS; 1991, 1996 and 1999).
On top of that, the Stuseco subsidized the material costs of the modelling workshops for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (1994), for the Central Bank (1995 and 1996) and the General Agency of Statistics (1997 and 1998). And Stichting Planbureau Suriname in later years.

The Stuseco does not receive any subsidies and does not try to attract subsidies. Resources of Stuseco stem from two causes: Foundation board members making available their time and financial resources stemming from donations of Foundation board members and from royalties and fees for books written by Foundation members, lectures and training projects.
The training visit of two economists working for the Foundation of Surinam Planning Agency in May 1999 was sponsored by Micromacro Consultants (owned by Foundation members of Stuseco). Micromacro Consultants offered free facilities and training hours and the airplane tickets were financed by the UNDP.

Since the Stuseco is not depending on any subsidies, except from its Foundation board members, the Foundation is completely independent. President of the Stuseco is Dr. Marein van Schaaijk.

The Stuseco annual reports can be consulted online at Furthermore, you can find and download from there the shareware version of macro models and datasets.You can download the SURYA model, a macroeconomic model of Surinam, running in EXCEL, containing data and a description of the underlying theory.

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