The file Micland.ZIP contains the package 'MICROLAND'

Microland contains the summary of the book: 'A Macro Model for a Small Economy', 'Microland' and 'Towards a macro model for Malta'. In the file you can find also the national book- keeping model 'MACROABC', with data for Suriname, Microland, The Netherlands Antilles, and Malta. You can use MACROABC in conjunction with a spreadsheet, like the shareware Aseasy (also in the disk). For starting up the disk in drive A or B. Then: aseasy / F R MACROABC

The file Micland also contains the econometric model MACMICS, a solution programme, and data for Suriname, Microland and Malta. The disk contains also full automised demo's. For starting up disk in drive A or B. Then macmics
Wait a minute and type then after 'enter command' ai miniland or ai suriname or ai malta.

For info type suriname1.txt|more or: suriname2.txt|more or: micland.txt|more or malta.txt|more.

The package Microland has been made by dr Marein van Schaaijk in 1991 and was presented in several conferences:
-Malta 23-25 May 1991, International Conference on Islands and Small States
-Santo Domingo 16-20 July 1992 on the Third Conference of the Association of Caribbean Economists
-Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece 28-30 November 1991, Symposium on Island Economies: policy models for planning

So this package dates from 1991. Actually, since that time we did a lot of further work in this field.

For more information about this package and new developments: send a postcard with the text 'more info about Microland' to:
Micromacro Consultants, C. Jolstraat 50, NL-2584 ET The Hague, The Netherlands.
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