Vario SkyFox SX-acrobatic helicopter

The Sky Fox SX-acrobatic is a member of the Vario Sky Fox series, designed as a highly maneuverable and very fast-flying trainer. The special features of this model are its aerodynamic cabin and its technical refinement.

The tail boom supports an extremely low-drag carbon-fiber vertical stabilizer, which is designed to eliminate the need for a separate tailskid. It is a specially designed component which contributes to the model's extremely stable characteristics when flying forwards or backwards at high speed.

Vario SkyFox SX helicopter

The actual mechanical system is based on a gearbox with a 9.39:1 overall reduction ratio, providing quiet flying coupled with plenty of power left-hand rotation in all maneuvers.

The SkyFox SX-acrobatic features a driven tail rotor for autorotation purposes, making it an ideal model for 3D flying. A carbon fiber drive system connects the main gearbox to the tail rotor and runs inside the 25 mm 0 tail boom. The carbon fiber drive shaft with claw couplings is ball raced, as are all mixer levers and bell cranks. The control system from the tail rotor servo to the aluminium tail bell crank is also based on a carbon fiber tube. Below you can see the mechanics before rotor head, rotor shaft and motor set are mounted.

SkyFox trainer kit

The two-stroke methanol motors suitable for this 4,6 kg model vary from 10 cm3 to 11,5 cm3. I am currently using a Rossi 10 cm3 engine set, shown below.

Rossi 10cc two-stroke engine

The rotor is based on an aluminum center piece and variable rocker, giving a control ratio of approximately 1 :1 between the 450 mm long fly bar with slim paddles and the reinforced GRP blade holders. This layout gives the rotor head an outstanding performance in all acrobatic maneuvers. In the hover the Sky Fox SX acrobatic is absolutely rock-steady until you command it to move.

The rotor disc diameter is 1400 mm, ensuring excellent maneuverability and outstanding control response to roll and pitch-axis commands. White, symmetrical-section GRP main rotor blades are included as standard. Further standard design features:

Thrust bearing below the dome plate
Direct 3-point or 4-point servo linkage
204 mm rotor shaft
X-Treme rotor head
Aluminium center piece
Variable rocker
Ball raced collective pitch compensator
Aluminum swash plate (3D type)
Driven tail rotor for auto-rotation
Freewheel consisting of an aluminum bell with Delrin internal-tooth gear
Slim aerodynamic cabin
25 mm 0 tail boom
Carbon fiber tail panels.

Below you can see the mechanics after mounting the motor set, the rotor shaft and the X-Treme rotor head, including the fly bar with slim paddles and reinforced GRP blade holders.

SkyFox trainer kit

To see and hear a flying SkyFox SX, download this Windows Media Video file:

WMV-movie: SkyFox SX performing loopings, hovering upside-down, rolling a 360 degrees spiral, etcetera (4.004 kB) SkyFox SX performing loopings, hovering upside-down, rolling a 360 degrees spiral, etcetera (4.004 kB)

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