Things and Winks

For Loek Raemakers, photography is fighting indifference, plainness, banality, blandness.
With a curious, exploring view, he places ordinary things in a completely new perspective.
He uncovers what isnít covered. Things stay no longer unobserved in the background,
as part of a decor, but instead claim the stage for themselves.
This vision needs photography,to bring these things to life, to let them speak for themselves.
Photography is a revaluation of the ordinariness of day-to-day reality.
The photographs that Raemakers makes are the result of a journey
through a seemingly uninteresting, plain and close-by environment.
His photographs deserve the attention that the photographed things do not get.

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book designed by: Jordy Ringeling

Over: Dingen Ondingen en Knipogen

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