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Updated 02/10/18

Old news


With The Wandering All-Stars & Motor Royalty:
07/10/18 Chicago, IL, Art Institute of Chicago
08/10/18 Nelsonville, OH, Stuart's Opera House
09/10/18 Alexandria, VA, Birchmere Music Hall
10/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, Murmrr Theatre (tickets)
11/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, Murmrr Theatre
13/10/18 North Adams, MA, Mass MOCA
14/10/18 Portland, ME, One Longfellow Square

To celebrate the launch of the Songs Of Love and Horror book, live performances of Oldham songs from Alasdair Roberts & Alex Neilson with friends
17/10/18 Glasgow, Mono (info)
18/10/18 Newcastle upon Tyne, Star and Shadow Cinema (thanks Mike)(info)
19/10/18 Todmorden, Magic City
20/10/18 Bristol, Sea Scout Hut (info)
21/10/18 London, Moth Club (info)
22/10/18 Sheffield, Bishops' House (info)

23/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, The Bell House (an evening of conversation with musician Will Oldham and New Yorker music critic Amanda Petrusich about Song of Love and Horror, info)

Old tourdates:

26/09/18 Durham, NC, Duke University (lecture info)
27/09/18 Durham, NC, Duke University (lecture info)
With The Wandering All-Stars & Motor Royalty:
Durham, NC, Baldwin Auditorium (info)
29/09/18 Chicago, IL, Soccer Club Club (an exhibition by, among others, Elsa Hansen Oldham and a musical perfromance by Will Oldham and Cooper Crain. Info)

Louisville, KY, PeteFest, Stomp stage (as part of the Stop Making Sense band info)

Louisville, KY, Odeon (opening for Faun Fables) (look here and 1, 2, 3)
This show will be recorded according to
this piece (thanks ray)

Boston, MA, The Wilbur Theatre (solo with Six Organs of Admittance)
10/06/18 Peterborough, NH, The Thing In The Spring festival (solo)
11/06/18 Burlington, VM, Arts Riot Studio (solo with State Champion)

Louisville, KY, Headliners Music Hall, Roadie record release show featuring Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn Landes (thanks ray) (info)

with Eighth Blackbird
21/04/18 Los Angeles, CA, Theatre at Ace Hotel (pictures, video and review)
Cincinnati, OH, MusicNow

Louisville, Zanzibar - Bonnie Prince Billy sings along with Watter (look) (thanks Robin)

Knoxville, TN, Big Ears Festival
23/03/18 Bonnie Prince Billy appeared at the Susanna "Go Dig My Grave" concert at the Big Ears Festival (read and look)

Hawaii National Park, HI, The Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium (with live stitching by Elsa Hansen Oldham)

11/12/17 St. Louis, MO, Saint Louis University Prison Program

Bonnie solo:
06/10/17 Charleston, WV, Kin Ship Goods (info)(thanks Greg)

Matewan screening and Q&A with John Sayles, Maggie Renzi and Will Oldham in attendance (
07/10/17 South Charleston, WV, La Belle Theater


The Mañana People released a song that features Bonnie Prince Billy: Anthropophagus (28/09/18)

•Already sold out but still worth mentioning:
Sweet Dreams Records released a compilation for their 11th birthday. It contains a song by Will and Elsa Oldham (thanks Joshua)(28/09/18)

•To be released on October 19 as a companion piece with the book of the same name, the
Will Oldham album: Songs of Love and Horror. It is a rare entry in this ouvre:
a Will Oldham album, with the writer for Bonnie Prince Billy taking a turn as singer. The songs are played by Will alone on his guitar.
On black vinyl through Drag City and coloured vinyl through
Vinyl Me Please (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Listen to a new song by
Bonnie Prince Billy: Blueberry Jam, download only, here's the video (17/07/18)

•Listen to
Roadie's album Unfamiliar Skies. It contains Will Oldham singing on a different version of Hope Is All I'm Holding (14/06/18)

•Listen to
2 songs from an upcoming album named One With The Birds by Bryce Dessner and Eighth Blackbird featurig Will Oldham (thanks ray)(08/06/18)

Susanna song is released by Bonnie Prince Billy: Wild Is The Will, check it out here or here (thanks ray)(20/04/18)
Take a look at
the video clip to accompany the music

In October Songs Of Love and Horror (the collected lyrics of Will Oldham) will come out through W.W. Norton & Company, Inc (thanks Greg)(17/04/18)

Joan Shelley released Rivers and Vessels. Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on Dolly Parton's The Bridge (29/03/18)

•To be released in April: the original soundtrack of
White Fang or Croc Blanc. Contains the song You Will Find A Home by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(29/03/18)
The song can be found on iTunes already.

Bonnie Prince Billy appears on the new album Echo of You by Kira Skov. He sings along on two songs. The album is a tribute to Kira's recently deceased
husband Nicolai Munch-Hansen, who was a big fan of BPB (thanks Jesper)(17/03/18)

•There is a box of 20 copies found of the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy -
Notes For Future Lovers 7" from 2008.
They are on sale and all proceeds will benefit the
River City Drum Corp in Louisville (03/03/18)

Listen to Hope Is All I'm Holding, a new song by Bonnie & Roadie. Buy it because all proceeds will go to March For Our Lives (27/02/18)(thanks Roland)

Hummingbirds & Helicopters Vol 1: A Benefit for South Texas is the first volume in a series of disaster relief benefit albums Jolie Holland plans to release under the same name.
It contains a Mickey Newbury cover of
If You Ever Get to Houston by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Joan Shelley, Elsa Hansen Oldham, and Nathan Salsburg. To be released April 6 (27/02/18)

Preview: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on new Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's album (09/01/18)

Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 13 "Darlin Beloved" will contain a Bonnie Prince Billy and John King duet with the Winger Brothers.
To be released February 2, 2018. The song will be released as a single on January the 1st (24/12/17)

•To be released November 17:
Wolf Of The Cosmos by Bonnie Prince Billy. Bonny sings Susanna, to simply try and save the world.
Sonata Dwarf Mix Cosmos is an old companion of his, and with the Chijimi house band + 1, they bring it all back home again,
this time to the space in Bonny's place. On
Drag City and Domino. Look at the video of People Living (thanks Jeff)

•A new
Bonnie Prince Billy 7" comes out early November; Conquer b/w You Have Been Seen. Check for details here (thanks Per)(09/10/17)

Lo Carmen is set to release her 6th album Lovers Dreamers Fighters, on November 10. Bonnie “Prince” Billy lends his voice to duet on Sometimes It’s Hard.
The 10-track album will be available digitally and on vinyl through Chiquita Records. (thanks ray)(02/09/17)

•Take a look at
this video where Bonnie Prince Billy with The Roots of Music play the Mekons song The Curse. Read here about it. (thanks John)

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy released a live album: Live at 7th Floor Tokyo through Bandcamp (thanks Fuyuki) (13/08/17)
Also available is
Live at Cafe Oto London, earlier available on cassette only.

All Nations All Relations (A Benefit Compilation For Standing Rock) contains a Bitchin Bajas + Bonnie Prince Billy track: These Are Fortunes
(Improv Nola Night 2). It's a free download (13/08/17)

•On October 20,
Thee Conductor will release his LP album Cotton Tornado through Sixgunlover Records.
It features
Bonnie "Prince" Billy singing on the track Face Crinkle. More info here (22/07/17)

Mark Kozelek and Sean Yeaton release their album Yellow Kitchen on June 30. It has a contribution by Will Oldham (thanks ray)(24/06/17)

•Drag City announces
the release of a new 7": Leonard b/w Carolyn (thanks John)(10/05/17)

Listen here to Bonnie Prince Billy's Best Troubador (thanks David)(28/04/17)

•Listen and look at
Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Elsa Oldham doing Merle Haggard's Bad Actor (thanks ray)(08/04/17)

•Listen to
Courtney Marie Andrews & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's contribution to Our First 100 Days: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (27/03/17)

•Drag City will release
Bonnie "Prince" Billy's new album of Merle Haggard covers Best Troubador on May 5.
Listen now to
Mama Tried with Oscasr Parsons, which is available as an exclusive free download-only track, available in advance of the release date.
Look at the 360 degrees
video here (thanks Mike)(09/03/17)

•On April 22 or Record Store Day, a 3 song 7" EP will be released by
Bonnie Prince Billy and Nathan Salzburg, through Paradise of Bachelors in an edition of 2000 (09/03/17)
this video (27/03/17)

•Listen to
Treasure Map, a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy, from a Southern Poverty Law Center benefit EP presented by The End of All Music (thanks all who mentioned this)(22/02/17)

•Listen to
In Good Faith, a new song by Bonne Prince Billy accompanied by an interview with Fogged Clarity (thanks John)(23/01/17)

Find here info on Our First 100 Days, a (digital) compilation of 100 songs, with exclusive recordings by various folks, among them a duet by Will Oldham & Courtney Marie Andrews.
The funds go to organisations promoting causes likely to be threatened by the impending trump presidency (thanks ray)(16/01/17)

other news

•Check out
this interview in Rolling Stone: Will Oldham: My Life in 15 Songs (thanks ray)(02/10/18)

•Already online for a while but check
Death To Boys, written by Will Oldham, narrated by Vivian Bang. From the book Stories for Ways and Means (thanks frankie)(22/09/18)

an interview with Will Oldham in Indyweek (thanks ray)(22/09/18)

•Check the trailer of
The Old Man & The Gun to hear a Easy Doest It by Bonnie Prince Billy. It looks like it will not be on the soundtrack though (thanks Sean)(22/09/18)

•Read about the year
2016 now on the Drag City site (15/09/18)

•Listen to
I Like Fucking My Gun sung by Bonnie Prince Billy on an episode of Animals on HBO (thanks Tonnie)(15/09/18)

•According to Alex Neilson's
twitter message, Alex, Alasdair Roberts and Jill O’Sullivan will play some UK shows at the book launch for Will Oldham’s book of
collected lyrics “
Songs of Love & Horror”. Covering songs from his catalogue as well as a smattering of our own Oldham-inspiredz. More details to follow (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Read about the years
2014 and 2015 now on the Drag City site (05/09/18)

Oldham County has a statue that looks like Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(25/08/18)

•Read about the 23 best films of the 2000's, accoriding to
The Washing Post, among the list is Old Joy (25/08/18)

•Read about the years
2011, 2012 and 2013 now on the Drag City site (25/08/18)

•Read about the years
2009 and 2010 now on the Drag City site (03/08/18)

•Read about the year
2008 now on the Drag City site (17/07/18)

Live from a Dark Room’ offers a pictorial history of Louisville’s punk, indie music scene from ’80s to present day.
Read about Will Oldham and other photgraphers (thanks ray)(13/07/18)

•Read about the year
2007 here now on the Drag City site (13/07/18)

•Read about the year
2006 here now on the Drag City site (08/07/18)

Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, and Rick Rubin Talk 'Superwolf', read here (thanks ray)(01/07/18)

•Read about the year
2004 & 2005 here now on the Drag City site (26/06/18)

•Read about the year
2003 here now on the Drag City site (17/06/18)

Listen here to the performance of Susanna and Friends, including the singing of Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(08/06/18)

•You can listen on
The Past and The Curious Ep. 21 to Will Oldham sharing the story of John Ledyard (03/06/18)

•The year
2001 read is here now on the Drag City site (03/06/18)

•Here's an interview with
Cat Power with a Bonnie Prince Billy reference (thanks ray)(03/06/18)

•And even more readings on the Drag City site, now on the years
1999 and 2000 (27/05/18)

•And more readings on the Drag City site, this time on
Bonnie Prince Billy 1998 (12/5/2018)

•More readings on the Drag City site on
Palace 1994 and Palace 1996 (29/04/18)

•Read an interview with Lisa Kaplan of
Eighth Blackbird here. She mentions a recording of songs for release on Bryce and Aaron Dessner’s record label (thanks ray)(25/04/18)

•Read and look at the
Eighth Backbird show from April 21 here (thanks ray)(25/04/18)

•Longtime collaborator/guitarist
Roadie will release his album Unfamiliair Skies on May 25. Bonnie sings along on Hope Is All I'm Holding that was released earlier as a single (17/04/18)

•Read this Drag City piece about
Palace 1995 (17/04/18)

•Take a look at
the video for Kira Skov's Lilac Sky featuring Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Robin)(17/04/18)

•Listen to a Bonnie Prince Billy cover by
The Boring Couple (thanks ray)(07/04/18)

Watch Watter and Bonnie Prince Billy perform at Zanzibar (thanks Robin)(07/04/18)

•Read this
Drag City piece about Palace Brothers (thanks Tor)(07/04/18)

•Is there a new
Bonny album coming up? check here (thanks John)(29/03/18)

•Listen to last year's Mrs Robinson's Valentine Special
here (thanks Tonnie)(20/02/18)

•Listen to the
Big Blend Radio Interview: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (thanks Christopher)(13/02/18)
Read more on the
visit here

•An animated version of Jack London’s classic 1906 novel
White Fang was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.
The film is expected to be released later this year. The film features an original song performed by
Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(22/01/18)

•Take al look at this promo of
Cold Case - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, to see Will Oldham play along (thanks Tonnie)(24/12/17)

•The musical puppet tribute named
Make Believe Neighborhood, which celebrates Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood‘s 50th anniversary, features musical
from Bonnie Prince Billy, Andrew Bird and others. It will be performed February 2 – 25 at the In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre
in Minneapolis.
Martin Dosh is the musical director (thanks ray)(24/12/17)

Ned Oldham has released the final songs of his Dark Mountain EP. Listen from here (01/12/17)

•Volume 3 to 5 of the
Louisville Is For Lovers compilation albums are reissued. Volume 3 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song. Check from here (01/12/17)

Take a look at footage from 2005 of the Green Man Festival. Superwolf starts at 4:44 minutes (thanks ray)(26/11/17)

Listen to Avey Tare cover Will Oldham’s West Palm Beach (thanks John)(26/11/17)

Read about Ned Oldham's EP Dark Mountain (thanks ray)(26/11/17)

•Listen to
Murmur 63 : Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Home School You" (thanks ray)(12/11/17)

Listen here to PBS 'American Masters' series: Bonnie Prince Billy profiled / interviewed on (thanks ray)(12/11/17)

•Listen to
Duncan Trussel's podcast episode 264, having an interview with Will Oldham (03/11/17)(thanks ray)

•Flamenco singer
Rosalía recorded a cover of I See A Darkness on her abum Los Ángeles. Read here about her and look at a live version here (thanks ray)(26/10/17)

•Take a
look at the video of Lo Carmen's Sometimes It's Hard (featuring Bonnie Prince Billy on vocals, not in the video) (thanks ray)(26/10/17)