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Updated 22/11/20

Old news


Old tourdates:
10/06/20 Folk Medicine live stream benefit concert for the people of the Amazon.
Listen and
look back here
With Bonnie Prince Billy, Mariee Sioux, Devendra Banhart, Santiparro and many more artists.
More info here

Los Angeles, CA, The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood (info) cancelled
15/05/20 Los Angeles, CA, The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood (info) (w Emmett Kelly) cancelled

Miami, FL, Books & Books (cancelled)

31/03/20 Jersey City, NJ, WFMU-FM interview pt.1 (listen)
07/04/20 Jersey City, NJ, WFMU-FM interview pt.2

Bonnie Prince Billy (with Emmett Kelly) / Jonathan Richman (with Tommy Larkin)

05/03/20 Bloomington, IN, Buskirk-Chumley Theatre
06/03/20 Nelsonville, OH, Stuart’s Opera House (check)
07/03/20 Washington, DC, Lincoln Theatre (review)
08/03/20 Philadelphia, PA, Union Transfer (check)
09/03/20 New York, NY, Town Hall (review)
11/03/20 New Haven, CT, College Street Music Hall
12/03/20 Providence, RI, Columbus Theatre (check)(cancelled)
13/03/20 Portland, ME, State Theatre (check)
14/03/20 Northampton, MA, Academy of Music Theatre (cancelled)
14/03/20 Louisville, KY, ARTxFM show (check)

15/03/20 Rochester, NY, Montage Music Hall (w Emmett Kelly & Crush the Junta) (cancelled)

Louisville, KY, Headliners, Wink Aid: The F*ck Cancer Fundraiser with Juanita & Will Oldham, Freakwater, Jaye Jayle, Parlour, The Get Down & Dj Ricky Feathe (info)

08/02/20 Louisville, KY, Columbia Theatre, Voix De Vill 2020: A variety show celebrating of four years of WXOX 97.1 FM (info)
With special musical appearances from the Signifying Wolf

Bonnie Prince Billy & Friends
31/01/20 Louisville, KY, Guestroom Records (info)

17/01/20 Pittsburgh, PA, The Rangos Giant Cinema, Matewan – 4K Restoration screening, Featuring a Q&A with Will Oldham and Bill O’Driscoll (info)
18/01/20 Pittsburgh, PA, White Whale Bookstore (book signing and live performance) (check)
18/01/20 Pittsburgh, PA, Beach Bum screening at Harris Theater, Will Oldham will present Beach Bum by Harmony Korine.
The screening will kick off with a short video directed by Korine for Oldham’s song, “No More Workhorse Blues.

Chicago, IL, 24 hour Improv (check)(tickets)
With Steve Albini, Ty Segall, Sally Timms, Yo La Tengo and many more

16/11/19 Louisville, KY, Surface Noise (with Matt Sweeney, playing all new songs)

Louisville, KY, Louisville Free Public Library – Alanna Nash & Will Oldham in conversation (check)

Morehead, KY, CoffeeTree Books (check)

Asheville, NC, Transfiguration III Festival (look here)
Lexington, KY, Lyric Theatre Shell-Bon-Sals trio played a mini-set at Woodsongs; airs in September
Trio rearranges for Bonnie “Prince” Billy maxi-set at Transfigurations 3 in Asheville

Los Angeles, CA, Family Bookstore, (it seems that) Will Oldham uses a random number generator to choose songs from the lyric book to sing or read or talk about in this performance and book signing

Louisville, KY, Speed Art Museum, an intimate performance with Will Oldham featuring his new book Stories and Songs of Love and Horror (info)


Make Worry For Me by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy now available for everyone, look here and buy here (thanks Leo F.)(22/11/20)

•Released November 15:
Deacon Blues by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Steely Dan featuring Bill McKay (thanks ray)(17/11/20)
Video by Michael Tully

•On friday November 6, some Domino customers received a flexi disc with a new
Superwolf song Make Worry For Me. A message says: "watch out for superwolves" (thanks Matthew)(08/11/20)

•Released October 29:
Wish You Were Gay by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Billie Eilish featuring Sean O'Hagan (30/10/20)

•Released October 21:
Red Tailed Hawk by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Matt Kinsey (22/10/20)
Video by James M. Johnston

•Released earlier this year: the soundtrack album for Netflix’s ‘
The Midnight Gospel’, featuring Will Oldham singing on Mirror Man (22/10/20)

•Released October 16:
I've Made Up My Mind by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Alasdair Roberts (16/10/20)

•To be released October 15:
For You, a song by Carly Johnson Feat. Bonnie "Prince" Billy. On SonaBLAST! Records (thanks John)(12/10/20)

•Released October 9:
Od'd In Denver (a song by Hank Williams Jr.) by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Matt Sweeney. Check the video (12/10/20)

•Also released on October 2:
Row by Dawn Landes. Among other singers, Will Oldham sings on it, at least on Second Time Around (thanks Jeff)(12/10/20)

•Released on October 2:
Kin Campaigns. A compilation of covers, each supporting a progressive candidate running for US Congress in November.
Curated by
C.J. Boyd and featuring a tapestry of artists, among them Bonnie Prince Billy playing a cover of Cat Power and Will Oldham singing along on a cover from Jawbox (03/10/20)

Bill Callahan and Bonnie Prince Billy released a Cat Stevens cover of Blackness Of The Night featuring Azita (thanks John)(02/10/20)

•A new
Will Oldham song will appear on the soundtrack album of Once Upon A River. Always Bound can be heard here. To be released October 23 (18/09/20)

Three Queens In Mourning & Bonnie Prince Billy - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy is available now (02/07/20)

•Just released:
Universal Prayer by Golden Spine. Bonnie Prince Billy (amongst others) sings along on two songs on the album (thanks Charles)(28/05/20)

•Coming up in July: an album by
Three Queens In Mourning & Bonnie Prince Billy - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy (thanks frankie)(22/05/20)
Three Queens in Mourning is
Alasdair Roberts, Jill O'Sullivan and Alex Neilson.
Three Queens in Mourning will play Bonnie Prince Billy songs. Bonnie Prince Billy will deliver an original song and a cover from all three of the Queens.
It will be out on
Textile Records, listen here to a few songs (25/05/20)

Lift Up Louisville is a community sourced song written and performed by 20+ musicians with ties to Louisville, Kentucky.
Among them is
Will Oldham singing along. All proceeds go to One Louisville: Covid-19 Response Fund (28/04/20)

Joan Shelley released Live at the Bomhard, a theater in Louisville. The band is great and Bonnie Prince Billy is singing along on a bunch of songs (14/04/20)

Superwolf single is out: You'll Get Eaten, Too - all proceeds to support Superiority Burger and Drag City staff relief funds (27/03/20)

•Check out the video for
New Memory Box by Ben Berman. The song is treated with a hi-energy remix by J Dawg (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•The second re-release of the
Box of Chocolates record from 1990 is coming through Drag City. It has 2 not before released songs,
at least one sung by Will Oldham, listen
here (thanks Ger)(08/03/20)

•Listen to
take me home (part 2) by Cabane featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & BostGehio. Bonnie sings on 5 songs on the album mentioned below (08/02/20)

Cabane will release their album Grande Est La Maison at the end of February. Bonnie Prince Billy and Kate Stables will be singing some songs on it (30/01/20)

•The new single is
This Is Far From Over, to be released through Drag City on January 14 and through Domino on March 10 (17/01/20)
The b-side has a Carpenters cover
We've Only Just Begun
Here's the video for the a-side by Olivia Owens Wyatt

I Made A Place will be released digitally on January 31 (17/01/20)

Bonnie Prince Billy mixtape Volume 6 is available through Bandcamp (07/12/19)

•Check out the
video for Squid Eye from I Made A Place. On Spotify you can find another version of the song: Squid Eye - Premix (17/11/19)

•Check out the video for
In Good Faith, a song from the forthcoming album I Made A Place (thanks ray)(08/10/19)
Read about the song

•Check out the video for “
Victory Dance,” it is the theme song for Norton Children’s Cancer Institute’s Cancer Beats music therapy program.
The program aims to use the power of music to help our patients affected by cancer.
It's a remix of a
My Morning Jacket song. Will Oldham sings along in the chorus (01/10/19)(thanks ray)

Bonnie Prince Billy mixtape Volume 5 is available through Bandcamp now (24/09/19)

Listen to and look at the new Bonnie Prince Billy single At The Back Of The Pit. A new album I Made A Place will be released on November 15 through Drag City & Domino (thanks John)(10/09/19)
Read some about it

other news

•Look at
Our Library about the Louisville Library featuring Will Oldham as The Librarian and singing a Phil Ochs song (thanks Sascha)(16/10/20)

•Saturday Keynote Panel: Beautiful Processes for Ugly Times. Dealing with our Musical Lives in 2020.
Will Oldham, Jessica Linker, RMLLW2LLZ, & Jon Langford of the Mekons. Saturday, October 10th at 5 PM. Register here (04/10/20)

•The Dutch
Concertzender is making a series of programs on the music of Will Oldham. There are already 5 parts now. Start here to listen (04/10/20)

•Listen to the podcast
One Nation Under Whisky, Season 4, Ep 16 of 23 September: Whisky and Music with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(26/09/20)

•On October 13
Mike Ayers's book One Last Song: Conversations on Life, Death, and Music will be released. Mike Ayers talks to musicians about what piece of music they
want to accompany them on their journey to the afterlife.
Will Oldham is one of the musicians who is interviewed (thanks ray)(05/09/20)

•Listen to a new
Bonnie Prince Billy demosong on The Deep End with Joey Mudd (show #334, around minute 20) (12/08/20)

•Here's a tribute to
Viva Last Blues from France: A Decouvrir Absolument Hors Serie #15 - Tribute To Palace (thanks gdp)(12/08/20)

•Listen to a review of
New Partner on the episode "The Hall of Presidents & New Partner" of The Anthropocene Reviewed, from March 28 2019 (thanks Jeff)(02/08/20)

Here's an interview in Portugese with Will Oldham. Will mentions a duet album with Bill Callahan that they're working on (12/07/20)

•Dum Drugs plays a cover of
No More Workhorse Blues (thank Ryan)(12/07/20)

•Check this
Bonnie Trailer by Deeper Into Movies. Which can be seen on July 10, 11, 12 through ParadiseTV (02/07/20)

•Listen to
Wijzang from the new album, De Liefde Is De Eerste Wet, from Broeder Dieleman. It's a Dutch translation of 2/15 from Get On Jolly by Bonny Billy & the Marquis de Tren (30/05/20)

•Read an
interview with Matt Sweeney. Amongst other items he speaks of the collaboration with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(28/05/20)

Will Oldham can be heard as Bubble Man singing Mirror Man in episode 6 (Vulture With Honor) of Duncan Trussell’s animated Netflix show The Midnight Gospel (thanks ray)(28/04/20)

•Already made in November 2019..; listen to the
Apology podcast by Jesse Pearson with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(20/04/20)

Louisville Academy of Music presents Songwriting with Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(14/04/20)

•Listen on
WFMU-FM to part 2 of an interview with Will Oldham that took place on April 7 (thanks ray)(14/04/20)

•Listen on
WFMU-FM to part 1 of an interview with Will Oldham that took place on March 31. Part 2 will take place on April 7 (thanks ray)(07/04/20)

Bonnie Prince Billy is one of the artists who will play an on-line show for Band Together,
A benefit organisation raising funds for free food delivery to those in need in the Santa Fe area (thanks ray)(07/04/20)

•You can listen to
Bonnie Prince Billy who covers some songs to help us through this Corona crisis (I guess), start here (27/03/20)

•Max Porter
talks to Max Liu about collaborating with Bonnie Prince Billy (27/03/20)

Rough Trade Edition No. 35: It’s Going to be a Bright New Day: Would You Rather, with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is Max Porter asking Will Oldham questions (thanks Tonnie)(09/03/20)

•Read an interview with
Bonnie Prince Billy on Parklife DC (thanks ray)(09/03/20)

WOUB speaks briefly with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(09/03/20)

•Listen to
NGF51 podcast: Will Oldham of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and his Life’s Work (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•Read a
re-posted interview with Bonnie Prince Billy from 2010 (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•Listen to the ArtxFM show
OhManYes! with Julie Gross from january 28. Guest is Will Oldham who is interviewed and plays a song (02/02/20)(thanks frankie)

Listen on NTS to Bonnie "Prince" Billy who shares some of his favourite tracks from Cat Power, Van Morrison & more (28/01/20)(thanks Tonnie)

Read here:Will Oldham on Old Joy (thanks Jeff)(21/01/20)

Read here song by song about I Made A Place (thanks frankie)(17/01/20)

•The new Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 15
Dreaming In Love City will be released on February 4.
It has no music by Bonnie Prince Billy but there's a photo of him in the accompanying calendar (17/01/20)

Can You Make the Band Name Bigger? is a book documenting 15 years of the poster art of Luke Drozd.
It contains a poster made for a
Bonnie Prince Billy gig, incuding comments by Bonnie (thanks Tor)(13/12/19)

Hotel Magazine #6 has content by Will Oldham. Available for pre-order (09/12/19)

Meg Samples has recently recorded with Bonnie Prince Billy and others (09/12/19)

•Drag City Limits presents
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Jacob Duncan performing I Have Made a Place, for a Steamroom Session (07/12/19)

•Read an interview
in Exclaim! with Bonnie Prince Billy by Vish Khanna (thanks ray)(19/11/19)

•Listen to
Edith Frost covering I Send My Love To You, live in New York City in 1996 (thanks Tonnie)(17/11/19)

•The December issue of
Uncut has an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (08/11/19)

Bandcamp daily has ‘a guide to Will Oldham’s various personas’ (thanks ray)(08/11/19)

•Here's a
John Sayles interview now Matewan has entered the Criterion Collection (thanks ray)(02/11/19)

Joan Shelley is interviewed by Marc Maron on his WTF Podcast, with talk about Louisville and a small piece on Will Oldham (thanks Bradley)(02/11/19)

•On November 12
Jack Carneal (who played drums in the Anomoanon and in the Palace Brothers) will release Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives, a book with memoirs of playing in a rock & roll band (thanks Bradley)(15/10/19)

•Listen to
Mi Heim Es Et Meer by K๖ster & Hocker. It's on their album Fremde Feddere (10/09/19)

Deathprod will release Occulting Disk on double vinyl October 25 via Smalltown Supersound. The liner notes are written by Will Oldham (thanks Coen)(30/08/19)

•Look at the clip for Joan Shelley's
Fading, featuring Will Oldham singing along (30/08/19)

an interview with the late David Berman and a Louisville Tribute by Will Oldham, Brett Ralph and Tim Barnes (18/08/19)

•Listen to the song
Bonnie by Cecilie Anna which is a tribute song to Will Oldham (18/08/19)
In October the song will appear on her album New Bird

•To be released in October on 2-DVD and Blue-Ray:
Matewan by John Sayles. Will Oldham plays Danny Radnor (thanks Jerry)(23/07/19)

Superwolf features on this rather weekly scotch / music pairing playlist from Scotch Whiskey (thanks ray)(23/07/19)

Read about Jay Bolotin who is currently at work on The Book of Only Enoch, a film featuring the voices of Will Oldham, Michael York, and others (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

•The September issue of
Uncut has an interview with Joan Shelley and has some Will Oldham quotes (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

Will Oldham is the narrator on new documentary The Butterfly Trees. Screening in July on the Flyover Film Festival in Louisville (thanks ray)(21/06/19)

Hands that Bind is a film written and co-directed by Kyle Armstrong. One of the faces in the film is Will Oldham.
The movie is currently filming near Hanna and Youngstown in Canada (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

Topology of Sirens - A Film by Jonathan Davies will feature, among many others, Will Oldham.
The movie will explore the musicality of Los Angeles' hidden sights and sounds, with production commencing in summer 2019 (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

Mojo magazine 307, of June 2019, contains a free CD with the Will Oldham song New Partner (probably from Songs of Love and Horror)(20/05/19)

•Listen to
The Deep End with Joey Mudd and Will Oldham. You can listen to a new BPB song there! (12/05/19)

Alexis Taylor play a live version of Jolly One (2/15) (thanks Tonnie)(12/05/19)

Jake Xerxes Fussell has a new album out named Out Of Sight. The album announcement comes with a statement from Bonnie Prince Billy espousing Fussell’s genius (thanks ray)(08/04/19)

•Listen to an episode of
CJ Boyd's podcast Worst Show Ever with Will Oldham telling a story of dishonesty and the aggravating effects it can have on tour (thanks ray)(28/03/19)

Here's an interview with Will Oldham talking Songs of Love and Horror in Leoweekly (thanks ray)(19/03/19)

•The whole of Palace’s spring 2019 lookbook is now on-line and can be
viewed here (thanks ray)(19/02/19)
Will Oldham features on pages 11, 12, 19 and 21.

•Check out the
Palace Skateboards spring 2019 collection teaser (thanks ray)(14/02/19)