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Updated 18/08/19

Old news


24/08/19 Ashville, NC, Transfiguration III Festival (check & check)

Old tourdates:
13/06/19 Los Angeles, CA, Family Bookstore, (it seems that) Will Oldham uses a random number generator to choose songs from the lyric book to sing or read or talk about in this performance and book signing

Louisville, KY, Speed Art Museum, an intimate performance with Will Oldham featuring his new book Stories and Songs of Love and Horror (info)

Brooklyn, NY, The Bell House (an evening of conversation with musician Will Oldham and New Yorker music critic Amanda Petrusich about Song of Love and Horror, info)

To celebrate the launch of the Songs Of Love and Horror book, live performances of Oldham songs from Alasdair Roberts & Alex Neilson with friends
17/10/18 Glasgow, Mono (info)
18/10/18 Newcastle upon Tyne, Star and Shadow Cinema (thanks Mike)(info)
19/10/18 Todmorden, Magic City
20/10/18 Bristol, Sea Scout Hut (info)
21/10/18 London, Moth Club (info)
22/10/18 Sheffield, Bishops' House (info)


Bonnie Prince Billy mixtapes Volume 3 and Volume 4 are available through Bandcamp (18/08/19)

•After mixtape Volume 1, mixtape Volume 2 is now available on
Bandcamp (16/07/19)

Joan Shelley's new album Like The River Loves The Sea comes out on No Quarter on August 30: Will Oldham sings along on 2 songs (16/07/19)

•There's a new mixtape of miscellaneous older
Bonnie Prince Billy/Palace musics on Bandcamp now (27/06/19)

•On August 30 a collaborative album by
Bonnie Prince Billy, Eighth Backbird and Bryce Dessner will come out. It is called When We Are Inhuman and features
a number of new Eighth Blackbird arrangements for Will Oldham songs, as well as a new installment of Dessner’s Murder Ballades series written for Eighth Blackbird.
Available through
37d03d (thanks Dan)
Read more about the album
here and listen to the single (thanks ray)(21/06/19)

•For the 10th anniversary of the
Lightning Dust album The Infinite Light, Will Oldham recorded a version of Dreamer off that album.
Check here for more (12/06/19)

Joan Shelley has a new single out: Coming Down For You. Bonnie Prince Billy is singing along (thanks ray)(12/06/19)

Bonnie Prince Billy song is featured on the soundtrack of new movie Once Upon A River by Haroula Rose.
It’s not clear whether this is new material or an existing song (thanks ray)(10/05/19)

•Listen to
Where My Heart’s Scared To Be, a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy in the T Magazine article Songs for America in 2024.
Along with Stephen Malkmus, Kelsey Lu and
Meg Baird original songs are shared and inspired by the theme of T’s Culture issue (thanks Dan)(15/04/19)

•A couple of months after recording
I See a Darkness, Bob Arellano and Will Oldham returned to the same studio with the same rhythm-section and created a full album worth
of material as
Havanarama. At the time, they compiled about 9 tracks (originals & covers) on a handmade CD-R titled Fish+Crabs.
For the first time this album is released on vinyl now on
Inner Dunes: owner Levi Morris loved the initial CDR album so much that he planned a 20th-anniversary version of the album.
As extra track there's an unreleased live version of
West Palm Beach sung by Bob Arrellano and Will Oldham, recorded in 2017. Check here (25/03/19)

•The mysterious
Sundowners are releasing a new 7" named Ancient Cares on April 5 through Sea Note. It is still unknown who the Sundowners are (thanks ray)(10/03/19)

•Listen to
Baptiste W. Hamon's version of Mon Capitaine feat. Will Oldham (thanks Robin)(24/02/19)

•Listen to
We've Only Just Begun sung by Bonnie Prince Billy. It's rough demo for a project, but the song was not chosen for use (thanks Tonnie)(19/02/19)

•A split 7" single by
Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Naked Shortsellers will be released on December 21 by Tiny Room Records.
The single is limited to 333 copies and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Royal Stable site. Thanks to all the visitors and contributors!
Listen to the songs
here and pre-order the single or digital content here (14/12/18)

The Maņana People released a song that features Bonnie Prince Billy: Anthropophagus (28/09/18)

•Already sold out but still worth mentioning:
Sweet Dreams Records released a compilation for their 11th birthday. It contains a song by Will and Elsa Oldham (thanks Joshua)(28/09/18)

•To be released on October 19 as a companion piece with the book of the same name, the
Will Oldham album: Songs of Love and Horror. It is a rare entry in this ouvre:
a Will Oldham album, with the writer for Bonnie Prince Billy taking a turn as singer. The songs are played by Will alone on his guitar.
On black vinyl through Drag City and coloured vinyl through
Vinyl Me Please (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Listen to a new song by
Bonnie Prince Billy: Blueberry Jam, download only, here's the video (17/07/18)

•Listen to
Roadie's album Unfamiliar Skies. It contains Will Oldham singing on a different version of Hope Is All I'm Holding (14/06/18)

•Listen to
2 songs from an upcoming album named One With The Birds by Bryce Dessner and Eighth Blackbird featurig Will Oldham (thanks ray)(08/06/18)

other news

an interview with the late David Berman and a Louisville Tribute by Will Oldham, Brett Ralph and Tim Barnes (18/08/19)

•Listen to the song
Bonnie by Cecilie Anna which is a tribute song to Will Oldham (18/08/19)
In October the song will appear on her album New Bird

•To be released in October on 2-DVD and Blue-Ray:
Matewan by John Sayles. Will Oldham plays Danny Radnor (thanks Jerry)(23/07/19)

Superwolf features on this rather weekly scotch / music pairing playlist from Scotch Whiskey (thanks ray)(23/07/19)

Read about Jay Bolotin who is currently at work on The Book of Only Enoch, a film featuring the voices of Will Oldham, Michael York, and others (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

•The September issue of
Uncut has an interview with Joan Shelley and has some Will Oldham quotes (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

Will Oldham is the narrator on new documentary The Butterfly Trees. Screening in July on the Flyover Film Festival in Louisville (thanks ray)(21/06/19)

Hands that Bind is a film written and co-directed by Kyle Armstrong. One of the faces in the film is Will Oldham.
The movie is currently filming near Hanna and Youngstown in Canada (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

Topology of Sirens - A Film by Jonathan Davies will feature, among many others, Will Oldham.
The movie will explore the musicality of Los Angeles' hidden sights and sounds, with production commencing in summer 2019 (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

Mojo magazine 307, of June 2019, contains a free CD with the Will Oldham song New Partner (probably from Songs of Love and Horror)(20/05/19)

•Listen to
The Deep End with Joey Mudd and Will Oldham. You can listen to a new BPB song there! (12/05/19)

Alexis Taylor play a live version of Jolly One (2/15) (thanks Tonnie)(12/05/19)

Jake Xerxes Fussell has a new album out named Out Of Sight. The album announcement comes with a statement from Bonnie Prince Billy espousing Fussell’s genius (thanks ray)(08/04/19)

•Listen to an episode of
CJ Boyd's podcast Worst Show Ever with Will Oldham telling a story of dishonesty and the aggravating effects it can have on tour (thanks ray)(28/03/19)

Here's an interview with Will Oldham talking Songs of Love and Horror in Leoweekly (thanks ray)(19/03/19)

•The whole of Palace’s spring 2019 lookbook is now on-line and can be
viewed here (thanks ray)(19/02/19)
Will Oldham features on pages 11, 12, 19 and 21.

•Check out the
Palace Skateboards spring 2019 collection teaser (thanks ray)(14/02/19)

Read here an article about Elsa Hansen Oldham and her husband (30/01/19)

Read here also about the 20th anniversary of I See A Darkness (thank Blair)(28/01/19)

Read here about the 20th anniversary of I See A Darkness (thank ray)(25/01/19)

Here's the original painting of the sleeve of the Bonnie Prince Billy/Naked Shorsellers split single (25/01/19)

Listen here to ClifTones with JC Denison, Episode 40: Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (21/12/18)(thanks ray)

•December 14 at the
Speed Art Museum: Screenings of the short mockumentary Beyond the Song, a forensic look at the classic novelty song
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer directed by Brandon Shell, produced by Tim Morton, and starring
Will Oldham (thanks Tonnie)(10/12/18)

•Watch the first two episodes of
The Shivering Truth now - and hear Will Oldham and Tunde Adebimpe in the end credits (10/12/18)

Read this: Will Oldham would rather be drinking with a brewer (thanks Coen)(30/11/18)

Will Oldham talks Songs of Love and Horror in Slant Magazine (thanks ray)(12/11/18)

Will Oldham unmasked in GQ Style (thanks ray)(12/11/18)

•Listen to
Laish playing I Would Prefer Not To. The song has a line in it about Bonnie Prince Billy (12/11/18)

Will Oldham talks death, loss and laughter before Berkshire Bonnie “Prince” Billy show. Listen here (thanks ray)(22/10/18)

Will Oldham can be seen as the quirky narrator of Our Library, a documentary about the Louisville Public Library system. Read more here (thanks ray)(18/10/18)

•Check out
this interview in Rolling Stone: Will Oldham: My Life in 15 Songs (thanks ray)(02/10/18)

•Already online for a while but check
Death To Boys, written by Will Oldham, narrated by Vivian Bang. From the book Stories for Ways and Means (thanks frankie)(22/09/18)

an interview with Will Oldham in Indyweek (thanks ray)(22/09/18)

•Check the trailer of
The Old Man & The Gun to hear a Easy Doest It by Bonnie Prince Billy. It looks like it will not be on the soundtrack though (thanks Sean)(22/09/18)

•Read about the year
2016 now on the Drag City site (15/09/18)

•Listen to
I Like Fucking My Gun sung by Bonnie Prince Billy on an episode of Animals on HBO (thanks Tonnie)(15/09/18)

•According to Alex Neilson's
twitter message, Alex, Alasdair Roberts and Jill O’Sullivan will play some UK shows at the book launch for Will Oldham’s book of
collected lyrics “
Songs of Love & Horror”. Covering songs from his catalogue as well as a smattering of our own Oldham-inspiredz. More details to follow (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Read about the years
2014 and 2015 now on the Drag City site (05/09/18)

Oldham County has a statue that looks like Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(25/08/18)

•Read about the 23 best films of the 2000's, accoriding to
The Washing Post, among the list is Old Joy (25/08/18)

•Read about the years
2011, 2012 and 2013 now on the Drag City site (25/08/18)

•Read about the years
2009 and 2010 now on the Drag City site (03/08/18)

•Read about the year
2008 now on the Drag City site (17/07/18)

Live from a Dark Room’ offers a pictorial history of Louisville’s punk, indie music scene from ’80s to present day.
Read about Will Oldham and other photgraphers (thanks ray)(13/07/18)

•Read about the year
2007 here now on the Drag City site (13/07/18)

•Read about the year
2006 here now on the Drag City site (08/07/18)

Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, and Rick Rubin Talk 'Superwolf', read here (thanks ray)(01/07/18)

•Read about the year
2004 & 2005 here now on the Drag City site (26/06/18)

•Read about the year
2003 here now on the Drag City site (17/06/18)

Listen here to the performance of Susanna and Friends, including the singing of Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(08/06/18)