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7" This Is Far From Over by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC766 / PR68
Domino RUG1116

This is Far From Over
We've Only Just Begun

released on Drag City on January 14
released on Domino Records on March 6


LP/CD Grande Est La Maison by Cabane has some vocal contributions by Bonnie Prince Billy

not on label

Tu Ne Joueras Plus L'Amour featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy
By The Sea
featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Kate Stables
Take Me Home (part 1)
featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy
featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Kate Stables
Take Me Home (part 2) featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Will Oldham appears with courtesy of his own damn self

download You'll Get Eaten, Too by Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney as Superwolf

not on label

You'll Get Eaten, Too

"You'll Get Eaten, Too" is a (de)commissioned number from a decade back, recorded at the old Rove
studio HQ in Shelbyville by Paul Oldham, and with Peter Townsend on hand to round out the sound.
All proceeds to support Superiority Burger and Drag City staff relief funds.

download Live At The Bomhard by Joan Shelley has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on some songs

not on label

Jenny Come In
I Would Be In Love (Anyway)
Stay On My Shore
The Fading

Recorded at the Bomhard Theater in Louisville, KY on December 13th, 2019 with the Best Hands band: Jake Xerxes Fussell, Nathan Bowles, Anna Krippenstapel, and Nathan Salsburg. Guest appearances by Julia Purcell and Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

Proceeds from this album go to support the BEST HANDS BAND that supported me. With their own tours delayed and the future uncertain, they deserve some love!
The support I have felt from you all recently has been moving beyond words. I thank you for keeping music close to your hearts right now. Love to everyone.

I Would Be In Love (Anyway) is written by Jake Holmes for Frank Sinatra's album Watertown.

download Lift Up Louisville, a community sourced song with 20+ musicians with ties to Louisville, KY, has Will Oldham singing on it

Lift Up Louisville

"Lift Up Louisville" is a community sourced song written and performed by 20+ musicians with ties to Louisville, Kentucky.

Inspired by our mayor, Greg Fischer.
Dedicated to the people of Louisville, Kentucky.

With among many other people:
Teddy Abrams, Jim James, Will Oldham, Danny Kiely, Sam Bush, Daniel Martin Moore, Cheyenne Mize, Jacob Duncan

Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Ratterman
Produced by Ben Sollee

MC/CD Universal Prayer by Golden Spine has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on two songs


Poli 5

Twameva Mata


LP+12"/CD Hello Sorrow - Hello Joy by Three Queens In Mourning / Bonnie Prince Billy

Textile Records TLP29
Textile Records TCD29

Three Queens In Mourning:
Christmas Time In The Mountains
Lost Blues
Madeleine Mary
No More Workhorse Blues
No Such As What I Want
I See A Darkness
Trudy Dies
Tonight’s Decision
New Partner
Ohio Riverboat Song

Bonnie Prince Billy:
Coral and Tar
Coward song
Dead Man
Wild Dandelion

Three Queens In Mourning are Jill O'Sullivan, Alasdair Roberts & Alex Neilson who play Bonnie Prince Billy songs
Bonnie Prince Billy covers a song of each of them and delivers a brand new original song




























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