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download/EP De Mille Feux by Baptiste W. Hamon contains a cover of Black Captain on which Will Oldham sings along

Mon Capitaine feat. Will Oldham

LP Fish + Crabs by Havanarama

Inner Dunes 002

Playa West Palm
Soy el Diablo
Carcel de Folsom
Rancho Grande/Saludo Para la Viuda
Cancion Urgente Para Mi Hermana Cubana
Gulf Whores
Peyote Songs
Peyote Songs cont.
West Palm Playa

Vinyl is red
Released as CDR in 1999, here on vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary with some other songs that were not on the original release
Players: Bob Arellano, Will Oldham, Paul Oldham and Peter Townsend
As a bonus there's a version of West Palm Beach sung by Will Oldham and Bob Arellano from May the 1st, 2017 in Ashland, OR at the Unitarian Universalist Church


MC/download BPB Mix Tape volume 1 by Bonnie Prince Billy

O How I Enjoy The Light
Goat And Ram
Brother Warrior
Molly Baun
A King At Night
No Time To Cry
Wolf Among Wolves
Strange Form Of Life
Weaker Soldier
Open Up

All Gone, All Gone
Better Than I Used To Be
Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness
So Everyone
You Will Miss Me When I Burn
O Lord Are You In Need?
Ease Down The Road
Let It Be Me
Better Days
Walking The Dog
No Quarter
Ohio River Boat Song
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Full of outtakes, demo versions, live versions, radio sessions etc
The cassette is limited to 20

MC/download BPB Mix Tape volume 2 by Bonnie Prince Billy

Wouldn't It Be Nice
Quail And Dumplings
All These Vicious Dogs
Little Bridges
Lord Of The Manor > I Wonder If I Care As Much
The Way
His Hands
How About Thank You
For Every Field There's A Mole

May It Always Be
All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands
Pretty Saro
Da Piccolissimi Pezzi
Barcelona > 66
Do You Want To Be Buried With My People
There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Old Jerusalem

Filled with outtakes, demo versions, live versions, radio sessions etc
The cassette is limited to 20























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