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CD Louisville Is For Lovers Vol.13 "Darlin Beloved" compilation contains a duet by Bonnie & Johnny

Double Malt Music DBM32

Does He Love You

Played by Bonnie 'prince' Billy & John King with The Winger Brothers

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies

Pre-orders of the Deluxe Edition of the 2018 Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's compilation (available at Guestroom Records only)
did get an immediate cassette copy of the
Little Darlin Duets EP (picture on the right below)
Pre-orders through Bandcamp includes an immediate download of the 'Little Darlin' 2018 Duet Companion EP

Double Malt Music DBM 032 &1/2

download Hope Is All I'm Holding by Roadie and Bonnie

Hope Is All I'm Holding

All proceeds will go to March For Our Lives

LP/CD The Echo Of You by Kira Skov contains duets with Bonnie Prince Billy

Stunt Records STULP 18051

The Echo Of You
Lilac Sky

CD White Fang OST contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song

Quartet Records

You Will Find A Home  

download Rivers and Vessels by Joan Shelley contains a duet with Bonnie Prince Billy

The Bridge

100% of sales from the EP on Bandcamp will go to the Kentucky Waterways Alliance
The song is wriiten by Dolly Parton

download Hummingbirds & Helicopters, Vol. 1: A Benefit for South Texas compilation contains a song by Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Joan Shelley, Elsa Hansen Oldham & Nathan Salsburg

Cinquefoil Records

If You Ever Get To Houston

Album proceeds will be donated to the UN award-winning Schoolbox Project, a non-profit that provides trauma-informed care for children rendered homeless or without access to education due to the deluge

download Wild Is The Will by Bonnie Prince Billy

Oscar Lee Riley Parsons

Drag City DC720

Wild Is The Will

During the making of the Wolf Of The Cosmos record, Oldham was immersed in Susanna’s music.
Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales asked Oldham if he was down for another collaboration
They started talking Norway, and fortitude, and mysticism; then they retreated to their respective corners to roll up their sleeves and do their own dirty worx.
Oldham found Susanna’s original for “Wild is the Will” on her Flower Of Evil record.
The ensemble from Wolf Of The Cosmos was reassembled. Joining them were two proper Norsemen, Frode Haltli and Vegar Vårdal Stillwater will be releasing a beer of the same name.
The beer is a rustic sour ale aged on cedar; it pairs excellently with horse meat.
The artwork is a watercolor by close Bonny compatriot Oscar Lee Riley Parsons.

download Unfamiliair Skies by Roadie contains a duet with Will Oldham

Hope Is All I'm Holding

This is a different version compared to the single released earlier

download Blueberry Jam by Bonnie Prince Billy


Blueberry Jam  
























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