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Goshin Kenpo Jitsu Asscociation International

Goshin Kenpo Jitsu is an art that was developed by Prof. Dr. GM. René Bommelé in the beginning of the years ' 90 . He practiced since his young age various defensive sports, such as Judo, Jiu jitsu, Goshin Jitsu, Shotokan and Goju Ryu karate and Shaolin Kempo, this led by various Grand Masters in the world.

Times change, so do the acceptance of applying violence in defense. These changes were a reason for him to develop a style, which in this day and time could rely on more acceptance. Despite it is sometimes necessary and lawful to use force in self preservation, the use is not always accepted. The Act requires sometimes applying violence is lawful, if this is proportional and, in the alternative, is applied. The bad thing is that this post is reviewed by a judge, and you don't know if you stick to these sizes.

In this case, so prevention is better than cure so yourself as much as possible and limited to applying them. The question is then how do you it does. First you look to your surroundings, which are often already own a dimension of how something is, but not the actual the knows. It is so important that you not look aggressive. A good attitude is the first step. Poise (this also radiate) and in balance, is the basis of many self-defense sports.

The next step is, when it is not otherwise, defend yourself. Here comes so the balance in application forward, moderate and reasonable. If you hit it with 1 can, then give no 6 to reach your goal. The reason lies in the way (lightest) to which you want to achieve. Both of them should also be effective together.
Self-defense sports are mostly based on old techniques, which in this time more like Art should be seen, in the sense of applicability. Therefore, some techniques from different sports and adapted to this new time. The result is more effectiveness and less power. The advantage of this is that every one can worship, this form also with restriction (s). The techniques can be adapted to your own mobility and may. The development of the style is unlimited and is continuous in motion and change.

The Goshin Kenpo Jitsu was started in 1982 and has introduced in 1992. To 2000 is it as program and part of the self-defense lessons included in the programme of Sport Association (MAA) ' De Brug/ The Bridge ' in The. It was an excellent environment because one also focused on resilience and assertiveness.
A next solution was similar also available, dealing with behavior of children with behavioural problems (e.g. ASD, ADHD, ADD, ODD, BDD and PDD-NOS ect.) The instructors of the Association were training in different areas and is there for them a unique method/approach. Parents and their children were able to do this well.

In the years there have been various seminars and workshops, in which one could make knowledge with the Goshin Kenpo Jitsu. It has also found its way abroad, where René is regularly invited for Master. In the meantime, he has different recognitions for ' his ' style in the world.
Since 12 years Master Sandra is also closely involved in the further development of the Goshin Kenpo Jitsu and she helps with teaching. Also daughter Selena now follow in the footsteps of her parents. Both have also received several international recognitions.
By the creation of an International Association, we try to connect with everyone who is interested or wants to contribute to the development of the Goshin Kenpo Jitsu.

In 2018, we have a number of leading Masters may include in the family of the Goshin Kenpo Jitsu, namely: Grand Master Antonio Coelho and Sylvia Stalbergh (Portugal) Master, Grand Master Derrick Parsons (UK) and Master Ari Puhakka (Finland).

Open the doors to knowledge and everbody will grow
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