Document: Dao de jing the 81 poems of Lao zi.

An old man on a buffalo

De meester op de waterbuffel
The counsellor of a king travelling on an ox is remarkable, just as in present times a prime minister would be travelling on a tractor instead of in a limo.

Other texts

This web also contains links to some other classical Chinese texts. there are, my own translation from Chinese, a number of chapters from the Guanzi, "The working of the inner self". Also there are, under the link The source of the way texts from the Four sciptures of the Yellow Emperor which were found in Mawangdui together with the dao de jing. Under the link: The hidden pattern one can find my own translation of the Jin fu jing.

Finally, there are also four non-Chinese philosophical texts, however also old masters. They are The thoughts of Bernard Mandeville, a large number of quotes from the 17th century Dutch doctor/philosopher. The fountainhead of creativity is a text about the nature of creativity of the female American philosopher-writer Ayn Rand. The third text is The law from Frédéric Bastiat.

The rights of the sovereign man is a modern essay and a definition of the natural human rights of mankind by Oldmaster himself.