Document:Nei ye - The workings of the inner self

Master Guan Zhong


Yiwu - Guan Zong

* China state of Qi, 720 BC
+ China state of Qi, Linzi, 645 BC
Master Guan Zhong was in the sixth century BC, a famous minister
in the Chinese state Qi. About the middle of the third century BC
a book appeared about master Guan in the scientific academy of
Chi-Xia. The book was completed and edited until about 26 BC,
it reached its present form.

De Guanzi, as the book is called, contains many texts on government,
administration and economics. But apart from that, there is also
part about the human mind. The workings of the inner self, is one of
four scriptures,which describe mental and psychological aspects.
Added on february 24,2014 : Xinshu I - The art of the mind. See link left.
Added on march 19, 2014 Xinshu II - The art of the mind.
Added on april 15, 2014 Bai xin - Purifuing the mind.
The texts show that even ages ago, there was a deep thinking
about the human mind. Even for the present day, these texts
have nothing lost of their significance.
I have translated the text from Chinese to Dutch and after that
in English, with as source The Chinese Text Project,
to find
In this transation I have tried to stay as close as possible
to the original meaning of the characters. De lines are kept in the original
length as in the Chinese text. The headers however, are no part
of the original text. They are my additions. Explanations
of terms and some matter of speaking in Chinese, are placed
between brackets. They are given only the first time they occur.