Document:Bai Xin - Purifying the mind.

Purifying the mind is chapter 38 in the Guanzi.

Verse 1.


Set uniformity as a fixed rule to the existence,
use tranquility for clarifying intentions,
use time for making treasures,
use government to make rules,
harmony is achieved by persevering this for a long time.
Incorrect understanding of rules,
will really bring no benefit.
Resisting uniformity,
results even when it benefits not to fulfillment.
The resistance of the road,
results even when it benefits not in advancement.

Conforming to Heaven.

What goes up accommodates to Heaven,
and then man shall comply.
Man does not control and has no harmony;
Heaven has no beginning and has no issues.
Words create events and cannot be reversed,
and also issues are not met.

The origin.

The origin begins at fair planning.
The roots (of events), are her parents (father and mother).
Know her image (the origin),
it indicates that rules have her shape,
her reasons include [everything],
and therefore one understands her feelings.
This dominates her beginning,
then one knows her name.

The cause of things.

The cause and variety of things -
exist in large crowds,
they can not be greater than Heaven and Earth,
the changes in many things -
cannot be larger than the day and night,
people can quickly move,
but they may not be as fast as water and fire.