Document:Xin shu II - The art of the mind

Xin shu II or the nature of the mind is the second chapter of this name in the Guanzi.


If the body is not straight, one does not reach the proper virtue,
one does not reach the proper virtue,
When one has not the middle of the mind,
Then one does not keep peace.
A straigt body honors virtue,
one obtains all what exist,
like on wings that let the self return,
the mind does not know her limits.

Control and faith in things.

The clear knowledge of everything under Heaven,
from all that exists to the four limits,
speaking of the right cause,
with lack of faith in things,
ensures that control does not work -
when control confuses the mind,
one calls that inner habits.
The exact cause of thoughts of decisions in the mind -
draws by turning the turnaround towards control.

Thoughts and behaviour.

In the mind it arises,
the body fulfills it,
they who move correct,
also exhibit the correct behavior,
fullness is not a beauty,
the rule of the mind is not-obtaining,
not spreading the right,
is a rule like people without clothes.
The right cause,
than the spirit retains her place.
is for the wise man just like Heaven,
and has no person as protection,
just like the Earth is real,
and has no person as a load,
the personal is,
the disorder of existence.