Document:Xin shu I - The art of the mind

Xin shu or the art of the mind is one of the two chapters of this name in the Guanzi.

The mind.

The mind resides in the body,
and is the ruler of her position there,
The senses (The nine openings*) do their duty,
subservient in every minute there.

The mind has her own way,
the senses obey to reason,
fond and eager for advantage,
the sight is not the appearance,
the ears do not hear the sound,
Why it is said:
Above she leaves her way,
below she lose her business.

(* nine openings = eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus and reproductive organs)

Do not compete with the skills of others

Do not replace any horse by walking [by yourself],
it will cause exhaustion of powers,
Do not replace a bird by trying to fly [by yourself]
that will cause a crash of feathers and wings.


Be not the first one to move things,
therefore one can observe its properties.
The law of moving makes that you lose position,
remain motionless then we obtain our very self.
the way is not far away and yet extremely difficult,
Man occupies its place and yet it is still difficult to obtain.
Incorrect are our desires,
the mind want to live somewhere,
remove and clean up what is not pure,
than the spirit retains her place.


Every human being longs for wisdom,
and there is no rule for her place or for the use of wisdom,
ah wisdom! ah wisdom!
she waves like the sea, without taking her powers from the self,
looking for that which has no place for her,
the right man does not look for her,
To have reason is the ability to not to be incorrect,
emptiness is without form - it is called the way,
change makes all wat is alive - it is called virtue.

Proper behaviour.

Ruler, politician, father, child,
man creates space between things and calls that proper behavior.
Climbing and descending leads to returns,
costly and cheap have their own rank,
as physical relatives of parents,
that is called formality.

The law.

The simplicity of things is small an not yet the way,
killing and humiliation tolerate the death penalty -
this is called the law.


the great way can be peaceful but she can not speak,
a sincere man speaks words,
whether it is injustice.

Beauty and understanding.

What does not follow from the mouth,
do not see the beauty of the colors,
at the four seas of mankind, (all races)
and yet one understand her laws.