The Dutch physician from Rotterdam


Bernard Mandeville

* Rotterdam, november 15, 1670
+ Hackney, january 21, 1733
Bernard Mandeville was a Dutch physician, born in Rotterdam
and graduated in Leiden, who lived and worked in London. He
became known through the publication of a fable poem in two
hundred couplets 'The grumbling hive or the knaves that turned
honest'. The work led to much controversy and shocked the
community in those days. His other works consist mainly of
attempts to explain the fable and his ideas.
Mandeville wrote his defense and other works as dialogues
linked to the fable, making the relationship between the
various subjects not always clearly visible. The ideas of
Mandeville, however are, a sharp analysis and philosophy of
humanity, based on observations and a sound judgment of a
psychiatrist and scientist avant la lettre. The following.
quotations are arranged thematically.
Mandeville wrote in English and his work has only recently
been translated into Dutch. Therefore in the Netherlands this
philosopher and his ideas remained mostly undetected and
unknown. However as a philosopher he deserves a place
alongside other major Dutch thinkers such as Erasmus,
Grotius and Spinoza.
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